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10 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is a ton of fun, but it also comes with some stressors and struggles along the way. While wedding planning will always come with some unexpected surprises, the key isn’t trying to avoid them, but rather planning for them so you can be ready for anything. Here’s the top 10 things no one tells brides (and grooms) to be about wedding planning.

Wedding Planning is A Lot of Work No Matter What Size

Many brides-to-be falsely believe that planning a small wedding will be less work than a big wedding. But the fact is, unless you’re getting married at the courthouse and going out to a simple dinner, wedding planning takes a lot of effort. The best way to deal with this is to make your decisions about your wedding based on the type of wedding you want, not based on the amount of effort or work you want to put into it. Or, if the work really intimidates you, consider hiring a wedding planner to offset some of the work.

You’ll Talk About Your Wedding – A Lot! 

Maybe you’ve been the one to roll your eyes when your friends have talked about their weddings in the past, but what you’ll soon realize as you plan your own wedding is that you are doing it too! The reality is, wedding planning tends to become consuming, especially if you’re having a short engagement making it nearly impossible to avoid talking about. If you suspect your best friend or even fiance are tired of the wedding talk, try finding a new set of ears to listen to some of your planning like a sibling or your mom. 

Random Things Will Stress You Out

You might be cool as a cucumber under pressure on a normal day, but for some reason weddings have the ability to get under your skin and break you. Your florist might call and say they can’t find any pink roses and suddenly you’ll fall to pieces, when normally this would never rattle you. While there might not be anyway to avoid this from happening to you, the best thing you can do is not freak out when you find yourself stressing over something small like napkins or place cards. Instead, take a few breaths and a break from wedding planning a bit and go back to it when you’re more calm. 

You’ll Happy Cry A Lot Too

 While wedding planning you’ll also shed a lot of happy tears. Maybe it’ll be the first time you go dress shopping, or when you see your bouquet for the first time. Don’t fight these moments, instead embrace them and welcome the full spectrum of emotions that comes with wedding planning.

There Will Be Some Unexpected Hiccups

Even if you are the most organized bride on the planet, something that is completely out of your control will catch you off guard. Maybe the bakery will tell you that the filling you wanted is no longer available, or you need to change your centerpiece idea to something more feasible. Often times these surprises will come at a cost and may force you to increase your budget. Rather than freak out over the unexpected costs, add a bit of a buffer into your budget for these surprise situations. 

Your Fiance Won’t Be As Involved As You Would Like

While you might be talking about your wedding non-stop, your fiance might be less than enthusiastic about your plans. Before getting upset over his apparent disinterest, ask him the things he does want to be involved in and encourage him to participate in your planning. It’s also a good idea to share the work, instead of asking a broad statement like what kind of flowers should we get? Narrow it down to a couple of your favorites and then ask his opinion on the final decision. This will take the pressure off of both of you and make the process more enjoyable. 

He Will Care About Things That Will Surprise You

While your fiance might have a more passive approach to wedding planning, you’ll likely be surprised about something he will be passionate about. Maybe he always had a specific band in mind, or wants a particular cake flavor, or suit color. Instead of allowing something like this to become a topic of contention find a way to compromise so you’ll both be happy with the final decision. 

You’ll Get Into Silly Arguments

These could be with your fiance, your mother, or even a wedding vendor. It’s common for these things to happen, since stress and tensions can run high during wedding planning. Similar to managing stress during this time, it’s a good idea to take a break from wedding planning and do something that takes your mind off of it for a bit. Go see a movie, grab dinner with friends, get a manicure, or go on a date night. Create space to do things that are not wedding related so your wedding doesn’t become a source of arguments between you two. 

You’ll Have A Bridezilla Moment (Or Two!)

Maybe it’ll be just one moment, or maybe it’ll last much longer than you care to admit but at some point, it’s likely that something will break you. The best way to deal with bridezilla moments is having someone you trust keep you accountable. Maybe it’ll be your fiance, or maybe your best friend – whoever it is, you need to trust them when they tell you you’re having a moment and need to chill out. If you can trust their judgment you’ll avoid having too many bridezilla moments during the wedding planning process!

Everyone Will Have An Opinion On Your Wedding

Whether it’s your mother, your mother-in-law, best friend, coworker, or hair dresser – everyone will have an opinion on your wedding plans. Instead of getting stressed over all the additional opinions thank people for their offer but don’t allow everyone to have a say. Only a few people should be included in your wedding planning namely you, your fiance, parents, and maybe your bridesmaids. However, keep in mind that if any of those people cause more stress, refrain from discussing your wedding with them. 


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