green and orange for 2021 weddings

2021 Weddings Color Trends

When it comes to color trends for 2021 weddings, most experts anticipate bright, bold, statement colors from everything to flowers to attire to decor. Due to many weddings being canceled or altered in 2020, brides (and grooms) are choosing feel-good colors for their 2021 wedding to give their special day a lively, happy feel. 

Here are some of the wedding colors we expect to see in 2021. 

neutrals for 2021 wedding palettes


Neutrals tend to be a consistent wedding trend and 2021 will be no exception. If you want to use neutral colors in your wedding go for earth tones, such as taupe, ivory, or if you want a color a light peach or dusty rose. These soft hues can be used for everything from wedding decor to invitations to flowers, to bridesmaid dresses. We suggest mixing them with rich greenery to offset the soft tone of neutral colors.  You can even use black as an accent color to give your wedding a more formal, sophisticated look.   

blue for 2021 weddings

Soft Blue

Blue is one of the most classic wedding colors for good reason. Dark blues are ideal for formal and winter weddings, while lighter blues are ideal for summer. In 2021 we expect to see soft, muted blue tones to be used all year round. Think powder blue, cornflower, sky blue, carolina blue, and even periwinkle to show up in 2021 weddings. Soft blues can be paired with black during winter weddings, burgundy or burnt orange during the fall, and for the summer whites and soft purples, yellows, and greens. 


Soft purple hues such as lavender, lilac, wisteria, and orchid will be making a comeback for 2021 weddings. Lavender will also pair well with light blues for spring and summer weddings. Or it can be used with burgundies, rich greens for fall and winter weddings.  We also love pairing lavender with grays, whites, and other soft colors to create a romantic wedding atmosphere. Think soft gray bridesmaid dresses with purple flowers, and green and purple accents in your decor.   


Yellow is anticipated to be one of the hottest colors in 2021 for weddings. The great thing about yellow is it has a wide color spectrum and can be used all year round. Use soft pale yellow in the spring, bright yellows in the summer, and mustard yellows or golden yellows for the fall and winter. From pale yellow bridesmaid dresses to bold yellow sunflowers to mustard accent pieces like shawls or men’s ties – there are so many options to include the color yellow in your wedding. Yellow is a bright, cheerful color which is something we can all use a bit more of in 2021 making it one of our favorites from this list!

orange for 2021 weddings


Orange is another bright, cheerful color for 2021 weddings! Similar to yellow it can be used all year round simply by adjusting the shade of orange you choose. Rust or burnt orange for the fall, and tangerine, coral, or peach for the spring and summer. Orange is a great color for flowers since there are so many options available, making it an ideal accent color. Orange pairs well with muted tones like eggplant, mustard, green, gray, and black in the fall and in the summer or spring with bright colors like pinks, whites, or even turquoise. 

green color trend 2021 weddings


Green is ideal because it pairs well with just about any color. Most experts say we can expect to see shades of green all over weddings in 2021. Whether it’s accent greenery to green being used as a primary wedding color this will be the “it” color for 2021. There are so many options for incorporating the color green into your wedding from muted greens, such as olive, pistachio, and avocado to bright greens like emerald, chartreuse, seafoam, or mint. 

Green is a great option for bridesmaid dresses because, like blue, it is one of the most flattering colors for all skin tones. We also love the range of greenery available to accent your wedding flowers from ferns to ivy to moss to eucalyptus. If you want a more garden-like feel for your wedding, many of these greens can function on their own without the need to add flowers. 

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