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5 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About on Your Wedding Day

By the time your wedding day arrives, you will have already done all of the heavy lifting when it comes to planning your big day. Since you want your wedding to be as stress-free as possible, it’s important that any day-of details are delegated to someone you trust. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything on your wedding day except for enjoying yourself and dancing the night away!

Here are five things you should delegate to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, or family members for your big day.

Carrying Rings, Marriage License, Vows & Other Personal Items

Any personal items such as a small bag that contains emergency items like medicine, your phone and charger, lipstick, bobby pins, safety pins and other like items should be handed off to your maid of honor or your mom for your wedding day.  Be sure to pack this bag before your wedding day arrives and then hand it off to someone you trust. If you need anything in the bag, you’ll know who to go to for that item. 

For items like your wedding bands or vows once again hand those items off to someone you trust. Your officiant can hang onto your vows, and the best man can keep the rings safe in his pocket until they’re ready to be exchanged. Hand off these items first thing in the morning so you don’t have to worry about them later.

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Directing People Throughout the Day

If there are last minute details that need to be addressed on your wedding day, assign those responsibilities to someone else before the big day. If you have a wedding planner this is the perfect person to delegate these details to. If you don’t, then you need to decide on a person or multiple people who can take on these responsibilities and handle them for you.

Whether you need someone to tell the florists where to place flowers, round up family for family photos, or direct guests to the ceremony location that job should be handled by anyone but you or your soon-to-be spouse. Consider creating a day of checklist and timeline that this person can work from to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Running Last-Minute Errands

Whether it’s picking up flowers from the florist and delivering the buotonnieres to the men in your bridal party, adding last minute decor details, or getting snacks for your bridal party you should not be taking on these tasks. Anything that comes up the day of should be handled by someone else, a parent can make a last minute pick up, friends can finalize decor details, and food should be delivered if needed. The more details you try to take on yourself, the more stressed you’ll end up feeling.  

Holding Onto Cash or Handling the Tipping of Vendors

The best way to handle cash that needs to dealt with on your wedding day or tipping vendors is to prepare envelopes before your wedding arrives. Clearly label each envelope with who it is meant to be given to, for example “tip for DJ” or “final payment for florist’ and give these to someone you trust. This will ensure that everyone who needs to be paid or tipped is, and alleviates you or your spouse from having to handle this task. 

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Using Social Media

As tempting as it may be to post a selfie on your wedding day, or make your first married post, hold off until the next day. Don’t even worry about capturing photos of the day – leave that to your photographer! Instead of using your phone that day encourage friends and family to use your hashtag so you can scroll through the images later, or to send you photos that they have captured. This way you’ll be able to see candid images of the day, while still being fully present and available to enjoy every second of your special day.

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