9 Important Factors to Consider for Your Wedding

Any event requires a lot of planning. Wedding planning is on an entirely different level. That is why a checklist for wedding decor is necessary. Using a wedding design checklist might help you avoid these mistakes on your big day, making things simpler for you.

Without wedding decorations, no wedding seems fully complete. Your decorations, no matter how basic they may be, can make a special occasion into the enchanting, once-in-a-lifetime celebration of your dreams. Choosing the ideal wedding decorations requires some considerable thought and planning. Therefore, arm yourself with some fundamental decorating information before you go out and look for your wedding decorations.

The Floral Details

You likely already know that you need centerpieces and bouquets, but there are additional bridal flower arrangements to take into account as well. You may also need flowers for aisle markers, boutonnieres, altar arrangements for the ceremony, and garlands, to name a few. Together with your florist, decide exactly what’s necessary for the special event and what you may be able to eliminate. Your list of arrangements might have an impact on your entire decor and budget. Many brides believe that when it comes to making a gorgeous first impression, their wedding bouquets are equally as significant as their wedding dress. It’s undoubtedly the floral element of your wedding that gets the most photos. Keep in mind that a larger bridal bouquet does not always imply a higher price. Making the decision on what to carry as you walk to the altar is very important if you’re a bride-to-be.

The bridesmaids will also require bouquets. Will they only be miniature duplicates of the bridal bouquet, or will they contain other flowers? Bridesmaid bouquets frequently use the same variety of flower kinds, color schemes, and overall design aesthetics as the bridal bouquet but are typically more miniature replicas of it. 

Boutonniere and corsage are additional crucial components. Grooms, groomsmen, ushers, and male members of the close family, such as the pair’s dads, traditionally wear boutonnieres. Common boutonniere flowers include ranunculus, calla lilies, baby’s breath, and spray roses. Corsages are usually worn by grandmothers and mothers at weddings, and they frequently feature stronger blooms like carnations, roses, and orchids.

Perhaps the most crucial component of wedding planning is selecting your flower arrangements. We strongly believe in using fresh flowers whenever and wherever possible as part of your creative process, be it in choosing bridal bouquets or amazing pieces of boutonnières and corsages, as they have the power to instantly add color, drama, and vitality to any wedding or reception venue.


One of the toughest (and most vital) parts of wedding planning is breaking down your budget. It’s crucial to make an exact budget for the big day because it affects every other choice, including the venue, guest list, menu choices, and whether you can afford that expensive DJ.

Whatever your starting point, consider splitting your wedding spending into “for you” and “for them” categories. A guest list informs the majority of your spending, so that’s where a budget starts. Be ready to spend the majority of your budget (around 40%) on the venue, food, and beverages that attendees will consume.

Budgets for weddings are all about balance. The greatest event you will ever have to plan in your life, much less create a budget for if you choose not to hire a wedding planner, is your wedding. Determine your spending limit in writing and adhere to it. List your wants and needs.

Consider the location, the caterer, the wedding coordinator, the invitations, the attire, your bridal bouquet, the photographer, the DJ, flowers, and decorations. If you have a budget of $7–15,000, concentrate on setting priorities. You can have a low-cost wedding if you can ask a friend or relative to prepare the cake, design the invitations, or even take photos of your big day.

Pick a Date

A lot of other elements of your wedding preparation will be influenced by the time you decide to get married. The season and weather you prefer on your wedding day, as well as the day of the week, should be taken into account while making this choice. Typically, the two most popular times of year for weddings are spring and fall. However, your state certainly affects this.

When considering wedding dates, there are several that you should avoid because of national holidays, sporting event conflicts, and unlucky numerology. It’s important to keep in mind that the wedding date you select might have a big impact on your spending. Setting a date for your wedding will also enable you to reserve a location, send out save-the-date cards, and begin negotiations with vendors.

In many folktales, picking a full moon for your wedding is lucky. In midnight wedding photos, it undoubtedly appears lovely.


Before choosing a location, know approximately how many people you’ll be inviting to your wedding. This will ensure that there is enough room for your visitors, tables, waitstaff, DJ, and dance floor. 

Planning should keep your guests’ comfort in mind. For an outdoor event, make sure there is enough shade for everyone. Provide blowers or mobile air conditioners if it’s a hot day. Feed a heater if it’s likely to be cold. It would be beneficial if you also gave your ceremony venue’s layout some thought. Ensure that there is enough space for everyone to stand or sit comfortably. Allow 25 to 30 square feet of space for each visitor as a general guideline.

Express gratitude to the guests for participating or share a personal message with them. You may also set up a station with personalized wedding cards where each person will write messages on the cards. It will create a wonderful memory for you and your partner, and your guests will enjoy it as well. A warm welcome and a smile should be given to your guests as soon as they arrive. If you have them, your ushers can assist you with this.

When the guest list is prepared, you should be conscious of the friends and family traveling from distant towns. It’s time to reserve them a reputable and cozy hotel. To ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible, find reputable hotels and guest homes that offer warm hospitality and amenities. Additionally, confirm that the hotel is conveniently located near the wedding site.

To make them feel even more special, you need to provide gorgeous boutonnieres and corsages to your guests during the reception. When wearing a boutonniere or corsage, a wedding guest is recognized as a distinguished guest, so it’s crucial to make a thoughtful selection of those to get one. A corsage is often worn by women, but it’s ideal to ask your loved ones if they want to wear a corsage or a boutonniere on your wedding day and which type they would feel most at ease wearing. Of course, you should inform the florist when you place your order how many boutonnieres and corsages you’ll need and for whom.

Wedding’s Location

To create a lovely site for the wedding, different sorts of locations typically demand different sets of decorations. For instance, the decorations picked out for a beach event won’t always be similar to those utilized for a garden wedding. Colorful wedding decorations, such as floral decorations, are one of the greatest solutions to brighten up the site if the desired setting is a little monotonous. The chosen decoration’s suitability for that specific place must also be taken into account. In a windy area, we do not want to see decorations being blown away.

To help you visualize precisely everything you want to use and where, look at photos of weddings that have already taken place at your venue. If you’re consulting with a wedding stylist or event planner, they need to be able to design mockups of the venue with various decorations to give you a fair idea of the outcome.

Dress of Your Dreams

The main focus of your entire outfit as you proceed down the aisle is the bridal gown. Choose a dress that you feel confident wearing and that represents your personal style, whether it be something more classy, retro, or basic. The kind of clothing you wear on the day will also depend on the weather and the venue’s location. On a hot summer day, you don’t want to get too hot wearing a heavy satin dress. To ensure that everything coordinates, your dress will also play a significant role in selecting your earrings, bridal shoes, bridal bouquet, and wedding hair accessories. 

The bridal bouquet should match your gown and complete your ideal wedding day look. Once you’ve decided on the bridal gown, you can start thinking about bridesmaid outfits that would go well together and groomswear that will suit the theme of your special day.

If it fits within your spending limit, consider having a second wedding gown made out of a lighter material without a large train trailing behind, as well as another bridal bouquet that fits the dress. Although it may seem crazy, trust us! It’s nice to wear a heavy dress for the actual ceremony, but wearing something lighter to change into for the afterparty will make it much simpler to take part in the celebrations and spend the night dancing.

Reception Decoration

When you enter the reception area, you get a sense of its size and can picture the decor. Explore the floor plan. Ask to see the venue when it is adorned for a different event and look through prior wedding pictures. Analyze what has previously proven good. Make a note of spots to bring attention to, such as stairways and entrances. Consider using bridal bouquets, lights, or other decorations to highlight these locations.

Spend more on luxurious linens and lighting if you are expecting a large number of guests. It will seem more special and private because of those things. Draping can make a significant contribution to a reception’s feeling of intimacy and luxury, much like lighting can. 

Make sure to observe the various colors in the space when you arrive at your venue. Then you can pick complementary hues for understated accents in your invitations, table settings, flowers, ribbons, boutonnieres and corsages, and other décor. Work with the location to design seating arrangements that will make your wedding guests as comfortable as possible.

Make It Memorable with Great Music

What music are you going to choose when you enter the church? Do you want to take it slowly to give your approach down the aisle more emotion and emphasis? Or do you want to stroll to something uplifting that makes you happy and excited?

The music you choose for your wedding should be special to you. It can be anything, such as your favorite love song or the customary wedding march. If you don’t know where to begin, consult your wedding coordinator or DJ. They can assist you in selecting the right music for your wedding. When a favorite song is playing, statements from the DJ concerning taking requests might help the dance floor get busy. 

Make sure your ceremony venue isn’t situated in a location with rigorous noise regulations in place, and take into account the requirements of nearby residences and businesses if you intend to have live music at the ceremony. You should also take into account any sound problems your ceremony’s location may have, such as close-by cars, shooting ranges, etc.

Create an Impressive Exit

Leave your celebration in style as you depart with your partner. It’s your chance to make an impressive entrance or departure that your visitors will never forget. For instance, you could be driven out in a horse-drawn carriage or leave in a confetti cloud. Fireworks can be used to give your wedding guests a magnificent send-off. They’ll definitely remember it, and you’ll have some amazing pictures to look back on. Finally, your special guests should keep the boutonnières and corsages you gave them during the reception as a charming memento of your special day.

The planning of the wedding venue’s decorations involves many steps. Do not, however, overstress yourself. The ceremony will be visually appealing thanks to the décor, but what matters most is that you share your love with those who are important to you and enjoy the time of your life.

Ready to Tie the Knot and Say “I Do”?

These tips will ensure that your wedding day is stress-free and truly magical from budget to the guest list. And if you’re looking for an amazing location and unforgettable venue to make your day even more magical, consider Westmount Country Club. We are here to make your special day unforgettable!  Click now to learn more and book your tour of Westmount Country Club, where fairy tale weddings come to life!

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