Awesome First Look Alternatives for Your Wedding Day 1

Awesome First Look Alternatives for Your Wedding Day

There are so many ways to approach the “first look” on your wedding day. You can keep it traditional by waiting until you see each other right before your vows, or you can create a special moment to see each other before the wedding ceremony. A traditional first look often involves the bride approaching the groom so they can see each other and then take wedding photos. However, some couples want to do something less traditional, but more special than simply turning and seeing each other for the first time. If this resonates with you, keep reading for some awesome and unique first look ideas. 

Share a First Touch

We know that some people like to keep with tradition, or perhaps may even be a touch superstitious and don’t want to see each other before they exchange their wedding vows, yet still want a quiet moment alone before the wedding. If this is you, consider a first “touch”. You can meet standing back to back and simply hold hands and talk for a few minutes. You can even give each other a hug with the groom blindfolded or turned around from you. The photos of the moment will still be sweet, and you’ll still save the surprise of your first look for your ceremony.

Share a Letter 

Often couples choose to exchange gifts or letters on the morning of their wedding. You can take this idea and incorporate it into your first moment together, by exchanging those gifts in person and reading letters to one another. This will create a sweet, intimate moment the two of you can share and even capture on camera or video if you choose. This is ideal for anyone who is uncomfortable with the idea of sharing written vows in front of their guests but still wants to share what their spouse means to them on their wedding day. 

Share a Prayer

If you both practice or participate in religion, you can also spend these first moments together praying. You have a couple of options here, you can do it over the phone, standing back to back, or if you prefer to look into each other’s eyes, share a first look moment and then spend the time sharing a prayer together. 

Share a Poem or Song

If music or poetry is something special to the two of you and your relationship you might want to consider incorporating this into your first look. You can serenade one another, read a meaningful poem (or even one you wrote yourself), or even dance to a pre-recorded song. The important thing is that you make this moment about you, and what is meaningful and special to your relationship. 

Share the Moment with Family or Your Bridal Party

Some couples choose to share their first look with family and friends. This can be a fun alternative since you can have a big reveal moment and capture the reaction of not only your fiance but your entire bridal party and family members. 

Have an ”Incomplete” First Look

If you want to have a traditional first look, but still want the moment you see each other before your ceremony to be special, consider leaving some of your ensemble behind. For example, if you plan to wear a veil, leave that behind, and don’t take your bouquet with you for the first look. Once it’s over, complete your ensemble for your wedding ceremony, so you’ll still have that special moment when your fiance sees your complete wedding day attire. 

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