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Nick & Nicole’s Wesmount Wedding

Nick and Nicole had the best day ever at their Westmount Country Club wedding. They even had some of Nicole’s students attend their wedding ceremony!

Courtney & Bryan’s Westmount Wedding

Courtney and Bryan had their dream wedding at The Westmount Country Club which was where Bryan’s parents got married as well.

Alessandra & Matthew’s Westmount Wedding

“We had guests approach us saying this was the best meal they had in their lives. Coming from an Italian family, that is certainly high praise!” – Alessandra & Matthew

Trish and Frank’s Westmount Wedding from 1988

“Westmount is absolutely beautiful now but 30 years ago it was just as magnificent!!” – Trish and Frank

Mary Beth & Joe Biggy’s Westmount Wedding

“The WCC was more than accommodating to our request to have my Fire Truck present to take wedding photos with. Their staff was by our side for any issue that may arise!”

Andrea Rose Galietti & Timothy Michael Walsh’s Westmount Wedding

“The venue itself is gorgeous: the staircase, the chandeliers, the lighting, the cocktail room, the ballroom, it’s like a real-life fairy tale… the best part of my wedding was the venue!”

Nathalie and Jimmy’s Westmount Wedding

The Westmount Country Club and Park Street Weddings to present the love story of Nathalie and Jimmy in vivid color and detail.

Matthew & Stefana Medina’s Westmount Wedding

After looking at several other venues, our experience at the Westmount Country Club was unlike anywhere else we had gone to visit. The updated, modern decor was just our style and they really saw our vision for our big day.

Stephanie and Brian Engagement Photoshoot at The Westmount Country Club

Congratulations Stephanie and Brian on your engagement! We look forward to having you at The One and Only Westmount Country Club to celebrate your wedding day! 

Stacy and John Macchiarelli’s Westmount Wedding

The Westmount Country Club and The Bleu Studio to present the love story of Stacy and John Macchiarelli’s Wedding. “We chose the Westmount because of its raved reviews of their food and reputation for great events.”


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