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10 Minimalistic Tattoos to Get for Your Wedding With Your Fiancé

We have all heard of a candy bar and cigar bars being at weddings but how about tattoo bars? Even though this is not common, there have been weddings where the bride and groom will hire a tattoo artist to come and ink special designs on any guests who are brave enough to get a permanent memory of your big day!

Most of the time couples tattoos have a stigma of being bad luck but nowadays more and more couples are ignoring this and going for something cool that represents their relationship. The days of getting the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend are long gone. Millenials have changed the game of what couple tattoos look like. Tattoos such as matching pizza slices, puzzle pieces, key and a lock are all examples of out of the box designs people have. 

Below are ideas that you and your significant other can get together and to prove to everyone that your love (just like your new ink) is forever!

 1 . Interlocking heart tattoo

This simple tattoo will be hidden unless you show someone! Once both of your hands are interlocked, that is when the interlocking heart tattoo will appear!

2. Roman numeral tattoo

This roman numeral tattoo is very popular, the placement can go anywhere and the date you choose can be of anything with significance. The date of the day you and your significant other met? The day you both say “I Do”? The options are endless!

3. Simple date tattoo

A very similar concept as the tattoo above, this design is for people who would rather not have roman numerals. Like before choose a special date that you want to remember forever!

4. Handwritten quote tattoo

Get a quote that describes your relationship or a saying that your significant other always says. For an added “aww” factor get the font for your wedding tattoos in their handwriting. Something as simple as getting someone’s handwriting is very unique because everyone writes differently. This tattoo can be as big or small as you want it to be depending on the word or phrase you use.

5. XO Tattoo

How cool is this tattoo? This simple “X” “O” on their wrists speaks volumes. Getting an XO tattoo on finger means hugs and kisses only when they hold hands will people realize the meaning behind the tattoo.

6. Wedding band replacement tattoo

Instead of getting wedding bands why not get them tattooed onto your ring finger! This is great for a person whose occupation or hobby gets in the way of wearing rings but also for someone who would rather have a sweet tattoo instead! The design options are endless.

7. June Bug Tattoo (and other symbolic tattoos)

Finding a design that is symbolic to you and your significant other is important. Tattoos such as Junebugs (beetles) and knots have so much more of a meaning than the actual image.

Beetles symbolize stability and strength.

Knots are a symbol of love and eternal bonds of devotion.


8. Minimalistic time tattoo

WOW. Simple tattoos like this one can mean little to the eye but have an exciting story behind it. Get the time of your ceremony or even the time you say “I do” tattooed onto your body. So the next time someone asks what your tattoo means you can go into detail about the best day of your life.

9. White ink tattoo

If you are not into getting a tattoo but still want to do something adventurous try white ink! It is not as noticeable to the eye, which makes the tattoo even more special.  

10. Custom Temporary Tattoos

Want to get a tattoo but don’t want to commit to having it for the rest of your life? Try getting custom made temporary tattoos.   These designs will last for 8 – 18 days!

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