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Creative & Unique Engagement Shoot Ideas

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in many people’s lives and in a couple’s relationship, which is why many couples choose to have engagement photos taken. In addition to the photos you’ll snap right after the engagement, a professional photoshoot is a great way to keep the momentum of the happy news going. It’s also a great way to see your photographer in action and get used to being in front of the camera. 

Here are some of our favorite creative engagement shoot ideas:

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Engagement Photo Location Ideas

There are a few contributing factors to consider when deciding on the location of your engagement shoot. Some couples decide to go to a place that is special to them, like the place they met or the location of their engagement. Another idea is to choose a location that represents them as a couple, for example, if you both love the ocean, the beach is an ideal location. Other couples, however, choose a site that matches the aesthetic of their wedding or represents them as a couple. When deciding on your engagement photoshoot location, discuss your ideas with your photographer, they are a great source for ideas on the best location to match your desired look, and will often know about locations you may have never heard of! 

Creating an Engagement Shoot Style 

While you can choose any location and dress nice for your engagement shoot, this is a great opportunity to represent you both as a couple. Some things to consider are what time of year you want to have your photoshoot. If you’re willing to brave the cold weather, winter photoshoots make for magical photos especially if you’re lucky enough to get some snow! Alternatively, the fall is a great choice since the leaves are changing colors and fall foliage makes for stunning backgrounds for photos. Or, if you prefer bright colors consider the spring or summer. 

Another option you should consider is your personal style. Do you want to take formal photos and dress up for the occasion? Or perhaps you want to have a more casual look and dress in jeans and a sweater. Regardless of what you decide, it’s ideal to coordinate your outfits beforehand. 

Themed Engagement Shoot Ideas

Are you both Crossfit enthusiasts? Consider having a photoshoot that represents your passion for working out. If you have a favorite movie, book or television show you can also find a way to incorporate something that represents the characters or a theme from that fandom. 

Another option for themed shoots is to incorporate one of your careers into the shoot. For example, if one of you serves or has served in the military you can take photos at an airbase. While this isn’t for everyone, this is a great idea for those who may have met at work. 

food themed engagement shoot

Food Engagement Shoots 

A food-themed photoshoot is perfect for any foodie couple. You can visit your favorite breakfast or dinner spot, and chow down on your favorite meal while your photographer snaps some photos. Or you can invite your photographer into your home while you two cook a delicious dinner. If your dessert lovers you can make a pit stop at your favorite ice cream shop and take a walk eating ice cream while your photographer captures the moment. 


Destination Engagement Photo Ideas

Destination photoshoots are perfect for the travel-loving couple. If you have an upcoming vacation planned do a little research beforehand to find a local photographer who can do an engagement shoot for you while on vacation. The possibilities are endless! You can take romantic photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, whimsical photos at Disney World, or a snowy shoot in Alaska. If your budget allows for it, the world is truly at your fingertips. 

Outdoor Engagement Photoshoots

There are endless possibilities when it comes to taking outdoor engagement photos. From taking a romantic boat ride for two to strolling in a botanical garden, to visiting a local fair you can let your imagination drive your destination.  

If you’re undecided about how to plan out an engagement shoot, it’s a good idea to speak with your photographer to see if they can help you narrow down your options. There’s no need to feel pressure to do something big for your engagement photos either. The important thing is that you represent you both as a couple. If you’re a low-key couple who doesn’t like a lot of fanfare, then simply choosing a location you both love is more than enough for your photos!

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