types of wedding planners you should know about

Different Types of Wedding Planners You Should Know About

When couples planning a wedding think of wedding planners, they likely think of a traditional wedding planner. While working with a wedding planner is a great idea, many brides (and grooms) are unaware that there is more than one type of wedding planner! 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the various types of wedding planners and how they can assist you with planning your wedding.

Types of Wedding Planners

When it comes to wedding planning there are dozens of choices that have to be made. From deciding on a ceremony location to choosing a photographer to deciding on the color of bridesmaid dresses – there are many decisions to be made. While this can be incredibly overwhelming, the good news is that there are planning professionals that can assist you in virtually every aspect of planning your wedding. 

Keep in mind that many of these planners can offer more than one type of service which can save you both money and time. 

Full-Time Wedding Planner

A full-time wedding planner is someone who can assist you in planning every aspect of your wedding from start to finish. This is someone who can help you find venues for your ceremony and photos, plan a budget, schedule vendor appointments, manage RSVPs, create day-of timelines, set up the decor on the wedding day, and ensure everything goes smoothly. They can serve as someone who ensures the day goes exactly as planned and help make your wedding day stress-free so you can just focus on enjoying your wedding day. 

Hiring a full-time wedding planner may be a good idea for you if you and your fiance are too busy or overwhelmed to take on the wedding planning process on your own. Maybe you have high-demand jobs or a family, or perhaps you just don’t have the patience to plan all the details of a wedding. Regardless, of your reasoning, a full-time wedding planner may be the right fit for you if needing help alleviating any pressure you may be feeling about the wedding day. 

full time and part time wedding planner

Part-Time Wedding Planner

A part-time wedding planner offers all of the expertise and services that a full-time wedding planner offers, but only the parts of your wedding that you choose. For example, you may be fine with interviewing all of your vendors yourself but need help scouting locations for your ceremony and photos. 

Alternatively, part-time wedding planners are a great source of information for locating vendors, decorating or setting up on the day of your wedding, or executing day-of coordination.

This type of wedding planner is ideal if you’ve got most of your wedding planning under control, but need some help with certain items, but don’t need a full-service wedding planner.

Wedding Coordinator 

A wedding coordinator is a wedding pro that steps in to assist you as your wedding day approaches. You’ll do all the planning such as finding vendors, scoping out venues, and purchasing decor. The wedding coordinator will then step in as your wedding date drawers near to help you finalize all of your wedding plans. Such details they will handle may include finalizing last-minute details, conducting final walk-throughs, finalizing your day-of timeline, organizing your seating charts and guest count, working with your vendors, coordinating the wedding rehearsal and wedding day, and managing last-minute payments and tips on the day of your wedding. 

You should hire a wedding coordinator if you want to spend the last weeks leading up to your wedding doing other things, or just relaxing. Maybe you’re moving right before your wedding day, or have a busy work schedule, or just want to keep that time as stress-free as possible. Whatever your reasoning is a wedding coordinator will pick up the reins and take care of all the last-minute details of your wedding day.

Wedding Designer

Finally, a wedding or event designer is the last type of planner. While this person is a planner, they are not going to execute the details of your wedding the same way as the various wedding planners mentioned above. Instead, a wedding designer deals with the look and aesthetic of your wedding. They will handle things like your floor plan, and reception and ceremony site decor. You’ll sit down with them and discuss your ideas for the style, look, and feel of a wedding you want and they’ll develop an overall aesthetic of your wedding day that fits within your budget.

You should hire a wedding event designer if you feel confident about the planning and logistics of your wedding day but need assistance bringing the vision for the aesthetic of your wedding to life. 

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