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Dos & Don’ts for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

You probably have a vision for what the morning of your wedding will looking like. Maybe you’re hoping to spend the morning sipping on champagne, laughing with your bridesmaids, and getting your hair and makeup done. Your picture perfect wedding morning can become a reality with a little planning ahead of time. Here’s how to plan the perfect wedding morning while you’re getting ready for your wedding.

Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline to work with for your wedding day is crucial not just for the morning, but for the entire day leading up to your reception. This is especially true for those having late morning or afternoon weddings. Start with your ceremony time, and work your way backward from there.

Consider how long you need for transportation, whether you are doing a first look, how long it will take for your bridal party to get ready and how long you need to get yourself ready and create a wedding morning timeline. You can estimate that each bridesmaid will need about an hour to get ready. If they are doing their own hair and makeup the length of time you need is shorter, but if everyone is getting their hair and makeup done by the same one or two people you’ll need to account for more time. You should give yourself a total of two hours of prep time for yourself including showering, hair, makeup and, getting dressed. You also need to account for time for the mothers of the bride and groom and flower girls.

Another important thing to consider when creating your timeline is where you are going to get ready on your wedding day and take that into account with your timing.

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Take Your Dress and Veil Out of the Garment Bag

Once you arrive at your destination where you’ll be getting ready remove your wedding gown and bridal veil from their respective garment bags and hang them in an area where they will not be disturbed. Leave your dress unbustled and hung high enough that you can see if it needs to be steamed anywhere. Hanging your dress will allow it to breathe a bit and relax any wrinkles the garment bag may have caused.

Feed Yourself and Your Bridal Party

Many brides make the mistake of not eating enough, or at all, leading up to their wedding. While you don’t want to eat or drink too much that you’ll end up crashing right before your ceremony, you should eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast. When it comes to what to eat on wedding day morning
some great options include finger sandwiches, wraps, salad, fruit or vegetable platters, yogurt or granola bars. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to eat, or even feel like you’re too nervous to eat something, but don’t risk it. Even something small like some fruit and crackers will make a difference and can prevent you from feeling lightheaded or dizzy later.

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Don’t Drink Too Much

If you want to drink, sip on champagne or mimosas, but don’t go too heavy on the drinking before you get to the ceremony. The last thing you want is to feel sick or too buzzed to focus on your wedding ceremony and reception. This goes for the women and men of your bridal party too, the last thing you want is a drunk groom, bridesmaid or groomsman at your ceremony.

Create a Fun Getting Ready Playlist

This isn’t necessarily a “must-have” item, but it can help create a set the mood for the morning. Spend a little time before your wedding day and making a getting ready wedding playlist of your favorite songs to get you in a good mood and calm any pre-wedding jitters.

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Scope Out the Room Ahead of Time

When deciding on the room and location you’ll be getting ready in, make sure the room has enough lighting, including lots of natural light. Check that there are enough electrical outlets and if not, be sure to bring an power strip. If the outlets are too from where you plan to sit, then be sure to get some extension cords as well. Take into account you’ll need to plug in phone chargers, blow-dryers, curling irons, steamers, and irons. You should also take the size of the room into account and make sure there is enough room for everyone and that you won’t be crammed in there.

Make An Emergency Kit

You might night ever need anything from it, but better safe than sorry. It’s important to have an emergency kit on hand that contains everything you need in the event a mishap occurs. Your wedding day emergency kit or bridal bag should include a stain remover pen, mints, tweezers, tissues, bobby pins, hair spray, safety pins, a travel sewing kit, nail file, aspirin, and something to ease your stomach or heartburn in the event you get an upset stomach.

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