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Fall Wedding Flower & Decor Trends

If you are getting married in the fall you have the opportunity to incorporate some stunning flowers into your decor that are generally not available the rest of the year. Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of incorporating warmly hued wedding decor. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding decor trends. 

Choose Flowers and Decor in Rich Hues 

Now that the bright colors of spring and summer have passed it is the perfect time to use deep, rich colors in your fall wedding. Unlike the winter which focuses on deep reds, or silvers and blues, the fall offers brides a chance to select classic colors like deep maroons, burnt oranges, and forest greens, or be more adventures and choose colors like yellows, deep purples, and coppers. 

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When selecting which flowers to use for your wedding you have many options available to you. Roses are available in deep reds, and dark pinks, or even in fiery oranges. Dahlias are another great option as they come in burgundy, dark purple, and orange. Sunflowers are also a classic fall wedding flower, as are calla lilies which come in both crimson and white.

Amaranthus is another popular choice for this time of year. Another option is to choose lighter colors like ivories or creams. This is ideal for couples who are having their bridesmaids wear darker colored bridesmaids gowns. You can also use different types of greenery to accent or even be the star of your wedding centerpieces and bouquets.

Don’t forget one of the most obvious options for a fall wedding – leaves! Leaves are a great way to accent your tables. They can be placed into vases, laid out on tables, or used as a garland. Both real leaves or faux leaves work great to accomplish this look. 

Incorporate Textures into Your Decor

Using texture is a fun and unique way to add layers and depth to your wedding decor. Instead of mixing just a few types of flowers in your bouquets or table arrangements, try using a wider variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. So long as the colors are coordinated, the different shapes and sizes will add depth to your decor. For a dramatic effect, keep darker colors towards the center and shift to lighter colors as you move towards the edge of the arrangement.

Another option to add different textures in your decor is to make use of fall produce like pumpkins, gourds, or even apples.

pumpkin wedding decor

Choose More Structured Bouquets and Centerpieces 

In the summer to achieve a garden feel with flowers, the arrangements should be loose and flowy. In the fall, however, you should have your flowers arranged more tightly in a structured dome shape. This will give your floral arrangements a more floral look ideal for this time of year.

Consider Using Plants in Your Decor

Another trend for the fall is using plants as decor. Succulents are a great choice since they come in a variety of colors and are available all year round. Succulents can also be easily mixed with the flower of your choice but can stand alone just fine. Potted plants like ferns, ivy, or even fresh herbs are other great plant options. Another benefit of choosing succulents or another type of plant is that they can also double as wedding favors for your guests!

succulent wedding decor

Pick Fall Themed Centerpiece Holders

If you want an alternative to traditional glass centerpieces holders the fall naturally lends itself to alternative options like copper pots, gold vases, and even flower pots. You can also take glass vases and wrap them in burlap or place them in wooden crates. The classic mason jar also works well this time of year. If you’re adventurous and enjoy hunting at garage sales or antique markets finding a variety of glass jars and vases in different fall colors will also compliment your fall theme.

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