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Fun Engagement Ring Selfie Ideas

Everyone loves a good ring selfie, which is why we’ve created a how-to guide on how to take that perfect ring selfie, along with creative engagement ring selfie ideas. Since today most couples officially announce their engagement on social media it’s important that you nail the photo and get it perfect. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

How to Take a Great Engagement Ring Selfie

Before we move onto engagement ring selfie ideas, it’s important to understand the mechanics of taking a proper selfie of your new ring. Unlike regular selfies, taking a photo of an engagement ring can tricky. Getting this photo just right requires following a few simple rules. For example, should you take it indoors or out? How should you pose your hand? And what should the backdrop of your photo be?

Here are some helpful tips for taking a perfect engagement ring selfie:

Good Lighting is Key

If you can natural light is your best option and will give you the best quality photo. Sunlight captures a diamond’s facets in a way other lighting doesn’t and will truly make it sparkle in your photos. If you’re not able to be outside, try to set up the shot near a window for some natural light. If you try to take the photo in a dimly lit room with your cell phone you’ll likely get a blurry, out of focus photo. Unfortunately, fluorescent lighting and yellow bulb lights won’t give you better quality either and can create odd-looking shadows. Also avoid using flash, which can cause the diamond to blow out in the image.

Move Closer Instead of Zooming

It may be tempting to use your camera or phone’s zoom to get a close-up shot of your ring but resist. Zooming in will only cause the photo to become more pixelated. Instead, simply move the camera closer to your hand if you want a tighter shot. You may also want to ask someone else hold the camera to avoid a shaky photo.

Use a Filter

Most likely you won’t need a filter on a picture of your engagement ring, however, if you’ve tried repeatedly to get a perfect shot and it still looks a bit off, a filter can go a long way in correcting any color imbalances. After selecting a filter, simply adjust the brightness and saturation levels to get the look you want.

Look As Comfortable As Possible

While you should definitely try to be creative and take a fun, unique shot, you also need to be comfortable. Don’t try to twist your hand in an unnatural way, or pose strangely. A good rule of thumb is that if it feels weird doing it, it will probably look weird in the photo. Leave creative poses to the professionals. Instead, focus more on the quality of the shot and your backdrop.

Creative Engagement Ring Selfies

Now that we’ve discussed how to take an amazing shot of your ring, let’s discuss some fun ways to announce your engagement!

Here are some of our favorite creative engagement announcement photo ideas:

  • – Holding hands with your fiance or leading them while walking.
  • – With a fun manicure that highlights your ring finger.
  • – With a scenic background like a field of flowers or the ocean.
  • – With a love note from your fiance or near quote on love.
  • – With your wedding planning notebook or wedding magazines.
  • – Holding a fun or unique prop like sparklers if you got engaged on the 4th of July, chocolates if you got engaged on Valentine’s Day, or near a tree if you got engaged around Christmas.
  • – With your pets, especially if you own one together.
  • – If you’ve already chosen them, take a selfie with your bridal party looking at your ring.
  • – Holding your passport – this is a great idea if you got engaged on vacation. You could also take a photo in front of a landmark like the Eiffel Tower.
  • – With a treat like a cupcake or ice cream, or holding a cup of coffee highlighting your ring.

Incorporating your Engagement Location

As we mentioned in a few of the suggestions above utilizing the location of your engagement can also only be a fun and creative way to take the picture, but will also hold a more special meaning to you and your new fiance. 

When deciding where to display your ring, choose a backdrop that’s not going to distract from it. If you were engagement at a restaurant a simply photo with your palm placed on the tablecloth will suffice. Or if you were engagement at a landmark or someone with a beautiful natural backdrop, take a photo that includes the location in the background. To do this place the hand with your engagement ring front and center with the location blurred a bit in the background.

Preparing Your Hands for the Best Engagement Ring Selfie

Unless you’re planning to zoom in on your ring or cut the rest of your hand out of the picture, you need to get a manicure. Chipped nails or even bare nails will distract those viewing your picture from your ring. It’s almost important that you moisturize your hand and fingers beforehand and drink enough water to ensure that your skin looks refreshed and its best. As for polish colors, anything goes however keep in mind that nude colors or pale pinks can have a romantic look, while bold colors or accent nails can have a more glamorous effect.


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