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How to Plan a Perfect First Look On Your Wedding Day

One of the most popular wedding traditions today is the first look. If you’re not aware of this tradition, this is when the bride and groom will plan a private moment before the ceremony to see each other for the first time. Oftentimes the first look is utilized for couples for wanting to take photos before the ceremony, and want the first time they see each other to be special. 

Since it’s such a special moment, it does require a bit of planning to get right. In this blog, we discuss some common mistakes couples make when planning their first look. 

Not Telling Your Photographer & Videographer Ahead of Time

Capturing your first look on camera and video is something you don’t want to miss out on. But if you don’t tell your wedding photographer and videographer beforehand, they may not arrive in time to capture the moment and you’ll have to rely on friends and family to capture the moment. 

Once you’ve decided on a time and place, your videographer and photographer should be the first to know in case you need to adjust their arrival times. 

Not Scheduling Enough Time

Being rushed on your wedding day will certainly put a damper on the day’s events. You’ll both feel stressed, and flustered and it will show on your faces (and your photos). In order to make your event stress-free, discuss the timing with your photographer. They are the expert on these moments and will let you know how much time they need to capture the moment. You also need to factor in whether you want a few minutes of privacy together, and factor in any travel times. 

Once you’ve created a schedule you’re comfortable with, stick to it. That might mean you need to wake up a little earlier to get ready, but it’s worth it to avoid added stress. 

Bringing Too Big of a Crowd

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their first look is bringing too many people. Consider carefully who you include in that moment since too many people can cause you more stress, or make you feel camera shy. Discuss with your fiance ahead of time whether you want to include your bridal party, parents, or siblings, or perhaps no one at all. 

Choose to include (or exclude) people based on how you view your special moment turning out. 

planning your first look

Choosing a Crowded or Busy Location

Many couples choose a first look location based on a place that means something special to them. This is a great idea unless it happens to be a high-traffic area. Unless you’re okay with a lot of witnesses to your special moment, find somewhere that’s a bit more secluded. This way you’ll both be able to react naturally and not be focused on those who may be gathering to witness the moment. 

Focusing Too Much On the Cameras

One of the most surefire ways to capture an authentic first look is to forget about the cameras. Yes, you’ll have an audience and you may even receive some direction from your photographer or videographer, but the best thing to do is forget they are there. 

If you focus too much on their presence you’ll be distracted and the moment will lose some of its magic. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer or videographer to give you a bit of space, especially if you get camera shy. 

Trying to Imitate Someone Else’s First Look

Your first look is your own, and it’s important that you own it, rather than attempt to recreate someone else’s first look you saw on Instagram or Pinterest. Rather than trying to get your first look “right” think “right for you” when you’re planning out your special moment. 

There are many options to personalize your first look to be a time that reflects you both as a couple. For example, if you’re religious consider using that moment to share a prayer and quiet time together. Or, if you have children it can be a time to include your children and spend a little bit of time together as a family before you share the day with others. 

You might choose to read love letters to each other, or if you don’t want to see each other, you can stand back to back and enjoy a little quiet time together, while still waiting for the big reveal of your wedding attire. If you do choose to see each other, you could leave your veil or other accessories behind, and add them on for the ceremony as a surprise for your fiance.

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