Incorporating a Wedding Theme Without Going Overboard

Incorporating a Wedding Theme Without Going Overboard

Having a themed or signature style for your wedding day is a great idea, but you should be mindful of the fine line between tasteful and overboard. Here’s how to do it. 

Choosing a Theme

When trying to create a theme for your wedding, it’s best to first decide on the style direction or theme you want to incorporate. Even if you just have style preferences, the first step is just to brainstorm ideas and decide what draws your attention. From here, you’ll be able to follow the tips below to narrow down your theme and do so tastefully.

Let the Seasons Guide You

The season you’re getting married in should always be a driving factor when making decisions on your theme. For example, having a winter-themed wedding will always look out of place in November, even if it’s cold where you live. Likewise, a spring wedding will be out of place in the summer months. This is especially important when deciding on flowers and other decor for your wedding. Not only will some flowers simply not be available at certain times of the year, but they won’t be the same quality if you insist on having them. Spring blooms like tulips for example won’t be a good choice for fall weddings even if they’re your favorite flower, instead, go for something seasonal such as sunflowers.

Align Your Theme With Your Own Style

Another thing to consider when developing the theme for your wedding is your own personal style and preferences. If you’re typically a very laid-back couple having an overly formal black-tie wedding won’t make sense. Even if your families prefer a particular style be careful to choose a wedding style that resonates with you as a couple. Otherwise, you run the risk of your theme never quite coming together. 

Don’t Try to Add Your Theme Into Every Detail

A common mistake couples make when incorporating a theme into their wedding is trying to add it into every single detail. Rather, a well-executed theme is one that has been strategically inserted into your wedding details. 

Think of incorporating themes into important aspects of your wedding such as your wedding invitations, centerpieces, escort cards, your ceremony decor, and favors. The same rule applies for any colors you want to use, use them in main elements such as bridesmaid dresses, invitations, and flowers but don’t go overboards by matching the tablecloths to the bridal party!

Don’t Go Overboard With Flowers

Weddings flowers are a beautiful addition to any wedding, but just like any theme or decor there is such a thing as too much. Rather than spending money are gigantic floral centerpieces or church decor, use flowers to tastefully decorate these areas and then add in lighting elements such as candles to enhance the look of the flowers. Not only will this save you from going overboard, but it will save you money in the long run. 

Be Care When Purchasing Decor Online

Another common mistake made by couples is purchasing decor or favors online to save money. While making these purchases from a reputable seller is a good idea, if you’re only goal is to save money you may be sacrificing on quality as well. 

The problem with purchasing online decor is there’s no way to know what these items look like in real life and you risk getting a cheaper version of a quality product. If you do decide to purchase online purchase a sample product first or only shop from reputable sellers.

Stick With the Necessities

As you go through the planning process it’s always a good idea to ask yourself now and then if there are any decor items you could live without. If you find yourself saying yes to this question a lot it may be an indication that you’re going overboard with your theme. This would be a good time to step back and re-evaluate your choices and see if there are any places to step back from your theme a bit and make some more neutral choices. 

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