Kosher Celebrations

The One and Only Westmount Country Club offers guests stunning panoramic views of Garret Mountain, elegant ballrooms, unmatched service, and the assurance that our guests can enjoy everything about their event, down to the food preparation. This is especially true for those who adhere to special dietary needs, which is why we welcome outsider Kosher caterers onsite to prepare the food for your event to meet precise certification requirements.

Kosher Catering for Your Event

For those who adhere to Kosher meal preparations and are looking to incorporate Jewish traditions into their celebration, The One and Only Westmount Country Club is the perfect venue. We work with local Kosher caterers in order to allow for the chefs to adhere to the strictest standards of Kashrut, making us the ideal venue for any celebration – while keeping within the traditions of the Jewish faith.  

Our dedicated staff with work hand in hand with you to ensure everything is perfect, from the decor to the food to incorporating important Jewish traditions into your event.

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Book Your Kosher Celebration Today

When planning a Kosher event there are a few more things you need to consider in as compared to planning a non-Kosher event. Rather than having your celebration at your Temple’s catering hall, transform your celebration by having your next event, or Simcha, at the elegant Westmount Country Club.

Whether you are celebrating a wedding or your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, our staff is experienced in honoring the traditions of the Jewish faith and ensuring that all food service restrictions are attentively adhered to. The Westmount Country Club has years of experience working with couples and families in planning Jewish wedding celebrations. To book your Kosher wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or any other special occasion celebration, contact us today.

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