Everything You Need to Know About Naked Cakes

Going back and forth about what cake you should get for your wedding? Try the newest trend that Brides are loving, Naked Cakes. Yes, you read that correctly naked cakes. Trust us they look better than they sound! Even though cakes all serve the same purpose, to eat, it is good to get a cake that matches you and your partner’s personality.

If you both lean more on the trendy, organic, rustic bridal aesthetic naked cakes might be the perfect dessert for you! Cake decorators prefer to adorn the bare cakes with fresh in-season fruit and romantic light flowers such as baby’s breath. 

Whatever style of cake you choose just remember to pick the one that tastes the best! Here are a few examples of how beautiful and extravagant naked cakes can be. 

Fruity Goodness

Depending on the time of the year top your wedding cake with in-season fruits and various jams. Not only will it visually be breathtaking but you will be able to hear a pin drop when your guests eat this cake.

World’s Most Romantic Cake

What is better than having romantic flowers such as red roses frame your delicious cake?

Constasting Colors

The dark rich chocolate color and the crisp white icing together is a match made in cake heaven! Top the cake with bright flowers and your guests will be amazed at all the colors.

Fun Fact!

Christina Tosi, the owner of Milk Bar, is credited with starting the Naked Cake trend! She says the delicious recipes and the cake itself is the star of the dessert.


Dare to be Bold with Gold

Gold accents are all the rage right now in wedding trends. Why not add gold leaves to your cake? 

Celebrity Approved

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen also joined in on this wedding trend and had a naked cake at their reception! 


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