Creative Ways to Have Pops of Color in Your Wedding Dress

Are you a bride who likes to break traditions and go with wherever the wind takes you? Tradition states that women must wear a white wedding dress to symbolize her pure soul. Nowadays modern women are more likely to not follow the societal norm of what she should wear so why should they wear a white dress? If you are not ready to commit to a black or red wedding dress bellow are some great examples of a unique wedding dress with color!

1 . Pops of colored tulle  

Not only is this Lazaro dress stunning but it will definitely turn heads. The way that the pastel colors are placed, each step you take a new color will pop out. Imagine what your wedding pictures would look during different hours of the day! The light will bounce right off of this gorgeous dress and make you look and feel like a princess. This colored tulle wedding dress will be the talk of the town.

2. Ribbon sash

Wedding dresses with colored sashes are a great way to show some personality without committing to the whole dress being one color. You can opt out of wearing the ribbon sash during your ceremony and throw it on during your reception! This way you basically can get two dresses in one! Match the color with your bridesmaid or wedding decor.

3. Colorful shoes

Mostly hidden until you walk, shoes are a great way to wear whatever you want. Many brides have decided that comfort was more important than Louboutins and wore colorful Converses. Whatever shoe you prefer having a color is a fun way to show off your personality!

4. Fabulous Clutch

A clutch is not only cute to hold and to use as an accessory but it is a way to keep all of your essentials in one place. Tissues, bobby pins, Advil, whatever you need it will be there just like your bridesmaids are there for you! Show off your inner fashionista by getting a unique clutch that will make everyone go “WOW”.

5. Bold Nails

Similar to the white wedding dress tradition/ trend, french tip nails are equal with popularity. Why not go against what most people do and pick your favorite color! You will be surprised how many times your fingernails will be in pictures during your wedding and it is important to not only have a good manicure but get something that will make you happy.

6. Whimsical Hair

Want to surprise your guests? Walk down the aisle with hair that a unicorn or a fairy would be jealous of! Hair colors and styles have no limit to them and who says you can experiment with colors for your wedding day. If you’re not a fan of dying your hair try a flower crown or any hair accessory!

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