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A Guide to Popping the Question at Home

If you’re getting ready to propose to your girlfriend (or boyfriend!) and have been trying to figure out a special way to propose you may be sorting through a lot of ideas. Planning a proposal can be tricky right now since many businesses are still closed, and even some outdoor parks aren’t open. 

If you find yourself in this position, an at-home proposal may be your best option. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on fanfare and making it extra special though! We’ve created a list of ideas for popping the question at home in a way that will make your engagement memorable and something the love of your life will remember forever.

An at-home proposal does pose some difficulties since it may be more difficult to surprise your girlfriend, especially if you live together. But with a little bit of planning and maybe some help from family or friends, you can be confident in your ability to pull off an amazing at-home proposal!

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Romantic At Home Proposals 

Home proposals can still be very romantic, things like the right lighting and decor can change the atmosphere of your home and transport you to another place. Here some way tips for a romantic proposal:

Decorate Your Space

Home proposals benefit from great decor. You can choose a specific theme, especially if you want to create a certain feel. Consider purchasing customized signs with your names and dates, or phrases like “Just Engaged!” 

Grab lots of twinkle lights, balloons, confetti, and other decor to create a romantic atmosphere. Or if you want a fun, bright feel you can use brightly colored streamers and balloons.

Cook a Fancy Meal From Scratch

There is nothing more romantic than cooking your loved one’s favorite meal from scratch. You can cover your tracks by telling your girlfriend you are planning a special date night at home. Get some of their favorite wine, or even a bottle of champagne and then make plans for when you plan to propose. Maybe you want to pop the question over dessert, or perhaps you want to do it as soon as you begin. 

Keep in mind if cooking isn’t one of your strengths, you can also order food from your favorite restaurant!

Hire a Photographer

If you’re able to hire a professional photographer to come and capture your event, this is a great idea and will give you something to look back on years down the road and share with your family, friends and possibly future children. 

If hiring a professional photographer is out of the question then recruit a friend to play photographer for the evening. If you want to have it be a surprise leave a door unlocked for them to sneak in, or have them come in through the backyard.

Another option is strategically placing a hidden camera such as a GoPro to capture the event. Regardless of which option you choose, don’t skip out on this idea! Having a photographer at the ready will also allow you to capture some great posed shots after she says yes!

Get Family & Friends Involved

Since there are a lot of moving parts involved in executing a perfect at-home proposal, you may want to consider recruiting some help from your loved ones. This can be anything from keeping your significant other occupied on a phone call while you prepare to having people on hand to help set up and witness the proposal. If it’s not possible to have people there in person, have a video conference set up and at the ready to celebrate with your loved ones immediately after!

Get Your Pets Involved 

If you have a pet, a fun idea to consider is having them dress up in a dress or tuxedo and be a part of the proposal. You can attach a note to their collar, or even tie the ring to it. Either way, this is a sweet way to involve your furry baby. 

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Out of the Box Proposal Ideas

While a romantic proposal is a popular choice for many, some may want something more fun or even adventurous for their proposal. If that’s you, here are some great ideas:

Create a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to add some fun to your proposal. Leave clues throughout the house that will lead your loved one the ultimate prize – you and a ring! If you’re really creative, try to incorporate special facts about your relationship or inside jokes within the clues for a sentimental touch. 

Play a Game

If you are both game lovers, this is a great approach to take. Depending on the game you choose you can customize your proposal. For example if you choose a trivia game, one of the questions can be asking for them to marry you. 

Create a Custom Playlist

Proposing with a music playlist will take a bit of planning and a lot of creativity. Start with songs that are meaningful to both of you, and work your way up towards songs about saying yes and getting married. A bonus to this type of proposal is you’ll have a personalized playlist you can go back to and play again and again for years to come. 

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