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How Weddings Have Changed Over the Last 10 Years

Weddings have changed drastically over the years, as new trends emerge each year. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most recent wedding trends.

Everything the Mother of the Bride Should Know!

The mother of the bride has an important role to fill on her daughter’s wedding day. From helping her get ready on the big day to providing emotional support throughout the planning process there are many important tasks to fulfill.

The Westmount Recommended Vendor Spotlight: Palermo Bakery

Palermo Bakery prides themselves on being a family business and by providing the highest quality of customer service and baked products.  

Everything You Need to Know About Naked Cakes

Try the newest trend that Brides are loving, Naked Cakes. Yes, you read that correctly naked cakes. Trust us they, taste better than they sound!

Creative Ways to Have Pops of Color in Your Wedding Dress

For the nontraditional bride who wants to have color incorporated into her wedding dress but not have to commit to an all red or black dress.

Ways to Relax the Week before your Wedding

The countdown begins now! With only 7 days until you walk down the aisle we’ve put together some advice on how to relax the week of your wedding.

Wedding Dress Traditions: What are They and How to Wear Them

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue, these items will give the bride good luck as she walks down the aisle.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding #Hashtag

Using Hashtags for your wedding is currently all the rage. It is a great way for guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding to get updates on your big day and to document everything that happens! Check out all the unique ways to incorporate your hashtag here!

9 Ways Technology Can Help Plan Your Ideal Wedding

Believe it or not, technology can be an essential way to help you plan your wedding. Don’t worry we provided 9 ways to help.

10 Drippiest Drip Cakes for Weddings & Unique Occasions

Dripcakes are one of the hottest wedding trends of 2017. Get the skinny on what makes these glorious confections a wonderfully baked art.


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