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Tips for an Amazing Wedding Reception

A fun wedding reception is made in the small details of your wedding planning. Beyond choosing that perfect venue, DJ and having delicious food and drinks, there are some things you can do to make your wedding go from great to amazing!

The best celebrations incorporate both personal and unique special touches that will keep your guests smiling and talking about your wedding celebration long after the day is over. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite wedding reception ideas, keep reading to discover some great ideas you can use for your own wedding day!

Mix Up the Seating Arrangements

Traditionally seating arrangements place the bride’s “guests” on one side of the room and the groom’s on the other. Instead, try mixing up the tables by either seating guests at tables with people they may not know but will get along with. You can also mix up the tables and place tables that have people from either side of your family on both sides of the room.

Refrain from Having Long Toasts

While a long toast from your sister, new brother-in-law, or best friend from college may be touching and heartwarming for you and your new spouse, it’s more than likely that the rest of your guests don’t feel the same way. Instead, save these longer, more drawn out toasts for your rehearsal dinner where everyone will likely understand the inside jokes and enjoy the longer toasts.

Have Interactive Food Stations

Adding a fun station like a DIY mash potato bar for your wedding reception is something your guests will love. Other ideas include a hot dog station to your cocktail hour or have a make-your-own sundae bar for dessert.

Prepare Activities for Kids

If you are having children present at your wedding, create some fun packets that will keep them occupied during the festivities. Adding unique wedding reception activites like coloring pages, crayons, and wedding-themed word searches will be a hit among your younger guests. If there will be a lot of kids, you can also hire a babysitter to occupy the children in a separate room with kid-friendly music and games.

Choreograph Your First Dance

A fun reception idea is having a choreographed first dance which is something all of your guests will enjoy. It can be anything from a waltz or a fun Latin number. Choose something that is unique to you and your spouse and who you are as a couple.

Surprise Your Guests with Some Dinner Entertainment

During the dinner hour have a musician come and play, or hire a singer to serenade your guests with classic tunes. You can also do something unique and hire dancers that represent your ethnic background. The possibilities are endless!

Get the Music Right

Hiring the right DJ and playing the right music can make or break a wedding reception. If your DJ can’t get your guests out of their seats you may find you and your spouse are the only ones dancing. Carefully interview your DJ and MC to ensure they know how to excite a crowd and play the kind of music people actually enjoy dancing to.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Despite being one of the best days of your life, your wedding day is busy and a bit hectic. Hiring a wedding coordinator will help keep you focused on what matters – having fun! A wedding coordinator will also ensure the day runs smoothly, not only for you but for your guests as well making for smooth sailing for the entire day.

Hand Out Awesome Favors

Handing out unique wedding favors leaves a lasting impression on your guests and is the perfect way to cap off an amazing night. You can do something fun like serving warm cookies and milk as they leave, or some other snack for the road. You can also have a photo booth and print out photos of your guests to take home with them as a special memento.

End the Night with a Surprise

Send off your guests with a final goodbye by handing out sparklers as you and your spouse make your exit. Another reception exit idea for an even bigger grand finale have a fireworks display to celebrate your nuptials.

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