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Tips for Including Kids in Your Wedding

Whether you have kids of your own, are gaining a stepchild, or have nieces or nephews you want to include in your wedding day, we’ve got some great tips for you! Keep reading for some great ideas to help make your wedding day as special as possible by including your favorite little ones in your celebration.

Have Them Be Your Flower Girl or Ring Bearer 

This might be the most traditional way to include a child in your wedding day, and is ideal if you’re having a traditional wedding. If they are younger and can’t take on much more responsibility this is a perfect way to include a young child in your wedding.

flower girl and ring bearer

Make Them Bridesmaids or Groomsmen

If you have older children you want to include in your wedding day, consider having them be a part of your bridal party. Often known as junior bridesmaids or groomsmen, this is an ideal way to include teenagers or even older children in your wedding in a role that’s more age appropriate.  This allows them to partake in many of the pre-wedding activities, and will let them feel included by dressing the same as your other bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Ask Them to Walk You Down the Aisle

If you’re going to be blending families or already have children together, having your child or children walk you down the aisle  is a touching way to include them in your ceremony. This tip is especially great if you have older children.

Include Them in the Unity Ceremony

This is another great way to include your children in your wedding day. Traditionally, when lighting a unity candle the mothers of the bride and groom light candles representing their respective families which is then used to light the unity candle. You can incorporate your children by having them light the candle with you, or light the tapers that will light the unity candle. Or, if you’re choosing a less traditional unity ceremony such as tying a knot, or doing a sand ceremony you can incorporate different colors to represent each member of your family.  

Write Them Into Your Vows

Recognizing your children in your wedding vows is both an easy and touching way to make them feel included in your big day. It’s also a great way to remind them that you’re committing to being a family. Take this idea one step further by creating a print of your vows to hang in your home after.

Have Them Perform at the Wedding

This is a less traditional idea, but equally special for those who have kids that are skilled in a certain area. If they’re musical they can play a song or sing during your unity ceremony, or read a poem or scripture during the ceremony. Or, if they aren’t keen on a solo performance, you can plan a special dance with them later at your reception. 

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Include Them in Your First Look 

If you are bringing children into your marriage, consider including them in your first look, or planning a separate first look just for them. Not only will this be a picture-perfect moment you’ll treasure forever but it will be a special time for you all to bond as a family. 

Give Them a Wedding Day Gift

Similar to giving your soon-to-be spouse a note or gift on your wedding morning, have something prepared for the kids too. Not only will it be something they treasure forever, but it will make for a special moment for you to express how much they mean to you and how excited you are for your new family.

Include Them On Your Wedding Website

If you’re having a website that lists the various people involved in your wedding day, be sure to include a section introducing your soon-to-be family. Include photos as well as their role in your wedding. Not only will this get them excited, but others can share in the excitement on their behalf as well. 

Include Them in Wedding Tasks

There are many opportunities to include them in the planning of your wedding. Whether they help you stamp wedding invitations, go to a taste testing, put together place cards, assemble out-of-town baskets, wrap favors, or assist in DIY decor they are sure to feel a part of the big day if they are a part of the planning process. 

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