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Tips for Including Mom & Dad in Your Wedding Day

While your wedding day is about you and your fiance, it’s truly a family affair. For this reason, it’s a great idea to consider ways you can include both mom and dad in your wedding day before the big moment arrives. In this blog, we’ve outlined some fun ways to include mom and dad in your wedding day so they can feel honored and a part of your wedding!

Involve Them in the Planning

This one may not be for everyone, but if you’re close with your parents you may want to involve them in tasks like selecting flowers, table linens, or other decor options. Mom and dad can also assist in smaller tasks like stuffing invitations, preparing wedding favors, or decorating on the day of the wedding. Involving them in any way will make them feel included and a part of your special day.

Have One, or Both Walk You Down the Aisle

Tradition states that dad takes the walk down the aisle with his daughter, however this is a great opportunity to include mom and dad at the same time. Many brides opt to have both parents walk them down the aisle, or if you want to keep a little bit of tradition, have dad walk you down the aisle part of the way, and then have mom join the procession about halfway down the aisle. Alternatively, you can shirk tradition altogether and have only mom walk you down the aisle.

Borrow a Piece of Jewelry

Borrowing a piece of jewelry from your mom is a great way to honor her on your wedding day and if you like following tradition – it can double as your “something borrowed”. Wearing a family heirloom or a favorite piece of her jewelry will make you feel connected to her in a special way. For grooms, borrowing a pair of Dad’s favorite cufflinks is another way to make him feel connected and honored on your wedding day.

Display a Keepsake from their Wedding

This is a great way to honor both sets of parents at your wedding. There are a lot of different ways to go about this. You can display photos from their own wedding day, borrow one of their cake toppers, use your mom’s veil, or even have a piece of your mom’s dress sewn into your own. 

Include Your Mom in the Getting Ready Festivities

Asking your mom to join you and your bridesmaids while you’re getting your hair and makeup done will make her feel like she is one of the girls. It will surely become a memory both of you will treasure forever.  

Have a First Look with Dad

Your soon-to-be husband will be the one to get the grand reveal, but there’s an opportunity to have a smaller reveal for the first man in your life – your dad. You’ll both be grateful to have that moment captured on camera forever. 

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Thank Them

Both mom and dad have probably contributed in many ways to your wedding day. Whether it be financially, giving you their time and resources, and assisting you throughout the planning process. The thank you can be public during your rehearsal dinner, at the wedding reception, or private in the form of a card and maybe a gift certificate for them to enjoy dinner out after the wedding has passed. 

Honor Family Traditions 

Honoring family traditions from one or both sides of the family is a great way to make everyone feel included. If your family has strong ties to religion or their culture you may want to include a practice from one or both in your wedding ceremony. Alternatively, you can also have special dances or music played during your reception to honor your culture’s traditions. 

Partake in Parent Dances 

Typically a father/daughter and mother/son dance is a given, but some couples opt to also have a mother/daughter dance as well. This is a great way to honor your mom as well, especially if you have a close relationship with her, or if your dad isn’t around to dance with the bride. 

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Enjoy the Process

As we mentioned earlier your wedding day is as much of a celebration for you and your fiance as it is for mom and dad. Get creative with one of the options on this list, or come up with your own! Whether you include them in a big way or a small way, anything you do will make them feel special and a part of your big occasion.

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