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Tips for Incorporating Music Into Your Wedding

If you and your fiance love music and are looking for a way to incorporate it into your wedding day, we’ve put together a list of creative musical details that are a must have for every music-loving couple!

There are tons of fun ways to put your love for music on display at your wedding from having a special musical performance to incorporating it into your decor. Here are our favorite music themed ideas and music themed tips for your wedding.

Custom Chair Chairs

Chair signs are a great way to show some of your personality on your wedding day. You chair signs could be chalkboards with your favorite song lyrics written on them, or even an image of sheet music from a favorite band or composer. 

Use Sheet Music Creatively

Old sheet music can serve many different purposes are your wedding. If you’re crafty you can make paper flowers out of the sheet music and turn it into a unique wedding bouquet for you and your bridesmaids. Sheet music also can be used as cones for holding rice or rose petals after your ceremony.

Instrument Inspired Decor

No, we’re not talking about having guitar shaped streamers hanging across the reception venue, but instead consider ways to incorporate instruments like having a violin or ukulele on your cake table. You can also lean a guitar against a sign directing people to the reception or where to sit during your ceremony. If you or your spouse is a drummer, you can lean drumsticks on the card table or against your card box. 

Get Creative With Your Guestbook

Grab an old guitar or buy an inexpensive one secondhand and have guests sign the guitar with well-wishes for your wedding and marriage instead of a traditional guestbook. After your wedding day you’ll have a beautiful piece of decor to display in your home. 

Have Live Music

One of the easiest ways to incorporate music into your wedding day is with live music. To make this personal have a string quartet play your favorite song as you walk down the aisle, or use live musicians to play songs that represent your culture or religion. If you play a particular instrument you can also feature a musician playing a saxaphone during your reception. Conversely, if you play in a band, you can surprise your guests with a musical number by taking the stage at the reception and playing a song for your spouse!  

Incorporate It Into Your Attire

There’s a few ways you can incorporate your love for music into your attire. Getting cufflinks that feature sheet music or musical notes is one way. Another can be adding music notes to your bridal shoes for a fun, personalized touch. 

Do a First Song Instead of a First Dance

Another fun and unique way to incorporate music into your wedding is by doing a first song instead of a first dance together (or doing both!) Surprise your guests by singing a duet together to begin the night at the start of your reception. 


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