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Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding During a Pandemic

Many couples have already been forced to postpone or cancel their weddings due to the Coronavirus pandemic, while many newly engaged couples face the dilemma of how to go about planning a wedding during this time. While some couples are opting for a micro-wedding, or eloping, there is a better option – outdoor weddings

Planning an outdoor wedding allows couples to still have the wedding of their dreams without having to compromise. The talented staff at The Westmount has diligently worked to create an elegant and safe outdoor wedding experience for couples throughout New Jersey.

Starting with an outdoor wedding ceremony in our lush, romantic gardens fronted by a sculptured fountain and gazebo and ending with a cocktail reception in our covered terrace and courtyard – we can still give you the wedding of your dreams, even during a pandemic. 

We’ve taken all of the appropriate steps to ensure our brides, grooms, and their guests are safe during outdoor wedding celebrations. Your guests will have direct access to a stairway that leads to the restrooms. We also have hand sanitizing stations and sanitary bathroom amenities such as touchless faucets and automatic hand towel dispensers, and everything in our facility is routinely deodorized and disinfected using electrostatic sprayers.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

While planning an outdoor wedding isn’t much different than planning a traditional wedding, there are some things you can do to make the garden wedding experience even better for you and your guests. 

Clearly State It’s Outdoors on Your Invitations

An outdoor wedding can impact your guests in a number of ways, particularly in regard to their attire. By notifying them ahead of time, they can adjust by wearing sunglasses, choosing more practical shoes, or bringing a jacket or wrap if they tend to get cold. A simple line on your invitation such as “Join us for a garden wedding celebration.” is enough to give your guests a heads up.

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Highlight Your Surroundings

Having an outdoor wedding allows you to take advantage of the existing ambiance. At The Westmount, our gardens are lush with lots of greenery, up-lit trees, and fountains. You can highlight your surroundings by taking some of the same colors that are already in place and incorporating them into your decor. You can also incorporate wood themed decor to tie in the trees, such as a wooden cake stand, or wood picture frames displaying photos of the two of you. If you plan to get married under an arch or marquee consider using string lights or twinkle lights, along with light fabric on the structure and decorate it with greenery and flowers. 

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Consider How Flowers Will Fair Outside

It is important to consider the type of flowers you choose for your outdoor wedding centerpieces. More delicate flowers such as orchids don’t always fare as well in outdoor conditions, while heartier flowers such as wildflowers will be able to stand up to the sun or heat for extended periods of time. If you’re unsure of what flowers to choose, your florist can help you choose the right flowers for the time of year and time of day that you are getting married. 

Consider Your Own Attire

When it comes to your wedding attire you should consider if you need to alter your own in any way. This might mean switching from stiletto heels to wedges or flats, choosing an up-do for your hairstyle, and opting for makeup that won’t run or come off with sweat. Depending on the forecasted weather you may also want to consider a shawl or wrap for the evening hours. For the men, if it’s warm, you might want to choose lighter colored suits or even opt for a no jacket look. 

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Manage the Elements

While you can’t control the weather, there are some things you can do to make it more accomodating for your guests. Having cold drinks like bottles of water or specialty chilled coffee cans for your guests to enjoy upon arrival. You can also put out sunscreen or bug spray available for people who are more susceptible to sunburn or bug bites. 

Book Your Outdoor Wedding in New Jersey Today

Whether you’ve had to cancel your wedding at a venue that cannot accommodate outdoor weddings or are newly engaged and ready to begin wedding planning The Westmount can make all of your outdoor wedding dreams come true. Contact us today to book a tour. 

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