tips and mistakes to avoid while wedding planning

Top Mistakes Couples Make During Wedding Planning

One of the realities of planning a wedding is that no matter how careful and detailed you are with your planning, something that is out of your control might go wrong. The good news, there is a lot that you can do to ensure things go smoothly. Here are the most common wedding mistakes to watch out for during your wedding planning journey.

Not Being Budget Conscious 

Not setting a wedding budget is one of the biggest mistakes couples make when going about wedding planning. The second most common mistake is making a budget and not paying attention to it. Finances are one of the most argued topics between couples, so one ways to avoid friction between you and your fiance is to get on the same page with finances. Once you’ve decided on a budget create a spreadsheet or keep a budget journal tracking your spending so you can be sure you don’t overspend.

Forgetting to Get a Marriage License

You might know a marriage license is required in order to get married, however many couples don’t realize there are certain rules that apply to them. In certain states or counties couples must obtain a marriage license a specified numbers of days prior to the wedding. Plus, there are often documents you are required to bring with you, which if you aren’t sure where your birth certificate is for example, you might need extra time to locate it or apply for a certified copy. Additionally, there are also certain rules about who is marrying you and in some cases, if you wanted to have a family member marry you for instance, they may need to get licensed or apply for certifications prior to officiating your wedding. Don’t leave such an important task til last minute, and be sure to do your research ahead of time so you are prepared. 

Getting Attached toFlowers That May Be Out of Season 

Certain flowers shift in and out of season quickly which might mean they wont be available for your wedding. You might love peonies but you won’t be able to use them in your September wedding. Some flowers like roses, are available all year round. When researching bouquets and centerpieces look for the color combinations you like and your florist will be able to guide you to the specific flowers that are in season.

Letting Other Dictate Your Wedding Party

It’s common for parents or grandparents, or even friends to try and dictate who you should have in your wedding party. You may even feel guilty not wanting to include a cousin or a sibling, but in the end you should choose those closest to you. These are the people who are going to be the most involved in your wedding and will be standing by your side during your “I Do’s” so it’s important they are the people you consider your closest family and friends. 

Spending Too Much Money On Your Wedding Dress 

Mostly likely part of your wedding budget includes your wedding dress. However it’s important that you don’t spend your entire budget just on your dress. You need to factor in the cost of alterations, shoes, a veil, headpiece, hair and makeup, and anything else you might need to complete your ensemble for the day. 

Ordering Your Dresses Too Late

Another thing to consider about your wedding and bridesmaid dresses is the timing of ordering them. Generally you should order these types of dresses at least 6 months in advance to leave time for fittings and alterations. 

Skipping Sending Out Save-the-Dates 

Regardless of how short or long your engagement might be it’s important to send out save the dates so people will set aside the date. Also, while it may be tempting to tell everyone about your wedding date as soon as possible, don’t send save-the-date cards until you’ve finalized the guest list so they only go to guests you’re positive will be invited. 

Booking Hotel Rooms Blocks Too Late

This is important for couples who have a lot of family coming in from out of town. You can set up a hotel room block as early as a year in advance and let guests know about the block when you send out your save the date cards. Hotel information should also be included on your wedding website and with your wedding invitations. 

Not Hiring a Videographer

Most couples don’t skip on hiring a photographer, but many will skip hiring a videographer to save some money. If budget is really tight consider hiring a videographer just for your ceremony so you can capture your vows and have a memory you’ll treasure forever. 


Underpaying Invitation Postage 

This is a simply but costly and time consuming mistake many couples make. To avoid this bring one of your fully packaged invitations to the post office and ask them to weigh it and let you know how much postage you’ll need. Most wedding invitations will require additional postage so avoid having them returned them back to you by getting it right the first time. 

Micromanaging Your Vendors

While it’s okay to give some general direction to your vendors and discuss your hopes and wishes for them, it’s important let them do their job. They are professionals and will act accordingly so it’s important to give them space to work. Provide photographers with a schedule of your day, give the florist directions on how you want the church decorated, but don’t go so overboard with detail and direction that you end up stressing everyone out – yourself included! 

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