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Trish and Frank’s Westmount Wedding from 1988

The Westmount Country Club was established over 50 years ago. 
Here’s proof 😉 that happily ever after exists!

Where are you and your spouse from?

Frank & Trish Calabrese were married November 12, 1988 at The Westmount Country Club.
I am from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ and Frank is from Cliffside Park, NJ

Frank and I are very happily married with 3 amazing children Breanna 28, Frankie 24 and Christina 21.  
We live in Park Ridge New Jersey and not only are we lifetime partners for life, we are also business partners, we have been in the marble and granite business for 24 years.
I know right !!! CRAZY!!!! People always ask how the heck do you guys work together and stay married? It is work, it is not always easy but we put a lot of work into our marriage.. I tell everyone that I know that is getting married…. Marriage is not always easy BUT remember if you want a successful marriage NEVER give up on each other and listen with both ears!!!!! 

How did you and your spouse meet?

It was Memorial Day 1985 and we were both headed home from the weekend traveling on the Garden State Parkway!! The traffic as always was a nightmare. Frank was the passenger in his fancy TransAM and I was driving my fancy Camero!!! (we already had something in common!!).

As we were sitting in dead stop traffic we started to chat (he had on Ray-ban sunglasses (so did my friend in the passenger seat) so I took his glasses from him!! he told me to keep his glasses but for me to give him my phone number so he can get them back.. So he did call me that night and we talked for hours!!!

He told me “maybe” he will pick me up the next day and go out!!! Well I waited till 8 o’clock and he wasn’t showing up so I ended up going out with my girlfriends.. I wasn’t sitting home on a “MAYBE” I will pick ya up.. WELL he did come not to long after I left.. (NO CELL PHONES BACK THEN) Well when I got home my Mom and my aunt said to me, “OMG a hot guy came to the door looking for you” and I said to my mom and my aunt “he said “MAYBE” he will come!! (they could not understand why I would have stood this “HOT” guy up!!!

Like I said I was not sitting home on a “MAYBE”!!!

Ok so I called him and said I was sorry for not being home, we talked on the phone again for hours!!! So now he tells me again “Maybe” we can go out on Thursday…. WHAT do ya think happened? The same THING!!! LOL

So now when I speak to him again later that night and I explained I am not sitting home waiting on a “MAYBE” he said this time….. “I WILL PICK YOU UP TOMORROW FOR SURE, do not stand me up!!!” So this time we finally met!!!! He took me dancing to this place in Fairview called Quintessence, we had a great time..

We dated for just about 3 years before the BIG DAY…

When, where, and how did the proposal happen?

We were at his house getting ready to go out to dinner…. I went outside to get in the car and all of a sudden our “SONG” was playing (HEAVEN by Bryan Adams) my trunk popped open and balloons came flying out and inside the trunk was a cute little penguin (stuffed animal) wearing a tux and tied around his arm was a box… Frank got down on his knee holding the penguin and asked me to marry him!!! This was like a dream!! We then went to dinner then to my house to share the news!!!

Why did you choose the Westmount Country Club?

My Dad has always been in the catering business so I knew it was going to take a lot to please him on the venue that we picked.. I remember going to a wedding there and thinking my Dad will be blown away by this place.. (I sure was) And sure enough the second he walked in and saw the place he was very impressed!!!

He was also very impressed by how wonderful the owners treated him!! BELIEVE me anyone that knows my Dad knows it takes a lot to please him.. (he was a tough cookie!!!) The night went off without one single problem EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!! we had well over 300 guests and everyone had a fantastic time.

The thing that impressed my Dad the most was the white glove treatment (he actually implemented that into the hotel he was working at)

How was your experience with your wedding vendors? 

I remember searching for the “perfect” band… It was very hard back then.. I needed to find a band that was able to pull off our wedding song “Always” by Atlantic Star … We found them it was Paradiso they were amazing and they were also able to sing Heaven by Bryan Adams (not many bands back then can pull that one off)
They had everyone up and dancing the entire night.

If there is one thing I would do over ….. it would be to marry Frank all over again..I

I would love to renew our vows and have a celebration just like 30 years ago. It is so ironic that the priest that married Frank and I 30 years ago at Corpus Christi Church in Hasbrouck Heights is now at my church here Our Lady Of Mercy here in Park Ridge.What was your favorite memory of your wedding day?

Being that this year is our 30th anniversary I always go back to the same memory.. (part of Westmount that hasn’t changed very much) My Dad, Frank and I were out on the terrace and I remember my Dad telling Frank “you better always take care of my baby girl” I still hear it in my head every time I am on the terrace there!!! (okay… tears are flooding my eyes right now)

We were just there this past weekend (August 4th) celebrating the marriage of my nephew and his beautiful wife.. and i always find myself at the end of the night sitting where we sat and reflecting on my wedding 30 years ago.. Yes. Westmount is absolutely beautiful now but 30 years ago it was just as magnificent!!



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This Love Story provided by:

Frank & Trish Calabrese 

Wedding Venue: Westmount Country Club

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