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Wedding Day Ideas: 3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Even More Magical

We know that planning a wedding is no easy feat – you’ve got to find the venue, choose your dress, and order the cake. But what if you discovered that there were a few things you could do to make your wedding even more magical? Making your wedding day even more enchanting doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take some thought and planning. Here are three ways to ensure your wedding day is extra special!

Hire a Great Wedding Band

You’ve planned the perfect wedding, and now you’re ready to make it even more magical. How? Hire the right wedding band!

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to celebrate love while having fun. Whether planning a black-tie affair or an outdoor celebration, a great wedding band can help make your reception truly unforgettable. The best way to create a romantic atmosphere is by hiring a band that knows how to play slow songs and fast songs — all in one set! 

A professional wedding band knows how to read the audience, so if they sense people want something upbeat, they may play something like “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars (or one of its many covers). If people want something mellow, they might play “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton. These musicians know how to read the crowd and can provide exactly what they want at any given moment, making your wedding an enjoyable, unforgettable experience for all!

Make Your Wedding Interactive

Interactive elements are a fantastic way to keep your guests engaged in the festivities. Here are a few great ideas to consider:

Photo Booth Contests

Photo booth contests are a fun way to engage your guests on your wedding day. You can set up the photo booth at various points throughout the evening for guests to stop by and take silly photos with their friends. You can also have contests for best dressed or most creative poses using props provided in the photo booth area. Make sure you post all the photos on social media after the wedding so your guests can see them!

Guest Books

A guest book is another excellent way to remember everyone who came out to celebrate with you on your big day. Guests will sign their names on your guest book and write messages about how much they enjoyed being there with you! Your guest book can be displayed after the wedding as a keepsake for years to come.

Dessert Bars

The dessert bar is a must at every wedding these days — but there’s no reason it has to be boring! Why not create an over-the-top dessert bar with various sweets and treats? From cake pops and macarons to doughnuts and s’mores, this station will undoubtedly keep guests happy while they wait for dinner!

Wedding Games

Another fun way to get your guests involved in the party is through wedding games. They can be as simple as bride and groom quizzes or as elaborate as dance-offs! You could play a game like “guess what flavor this cake is” or “pin the tie on the groom.”

Mesmerizing Lighting Effects

Lighting is a critical part of any wedding venue, but it’s particularly crucial during the reception. If you want to create an atmosphere of fantasy and enchantment, consider lighting effects that will help set the mood for your guests.

For example, you might consider using uplighting to highlight key elements in your reception room — such as tables or dance floors — while backlighting allows you to create beautiful silhouettes against a wall or ceiling. These effects can help draw attention to your favorite parts of the venue and set the tone for the evening ahead.

Make Your Wedding Extra Magical at Westmount Country Club

With these tips in hand, you are now ready to make your wedding day even more magical. You have everything you need to pull off a perfect wedding and the tools to create a truly unforgettable event. Most importantly, you are making this decision with your partner in crime—your beloved! Your partner will be there with you every step of the way, so take some time today and start planning!

If you’re looking for a venue to make your wedding day even more magical, look no further than Westmount Country Club. We  cover the latest party trends—from fashionable décor to a state-of-the-art computer lighting system. Plus, our staff is always keeping up with the latest trends in weddings and receptions, so you can be sure that what we do will be fresh, fun, and, most importantly, magical!

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