7 Types of Photo Booths You NEED at Your Wedding!

If there is one thing we look forward to at weddings other than the food and dancing it is photo booths! The next morning after the wedding the first thing you do is look at the photo from the reception and smile or laugh at the priceless pictures you took with your loved ones and even complete strangers you met there!

It is definitely a modern wedding tradition that we as photographers love!

Most of us are used to the traditional wedding photo booths but you will be completely surprised to see what these booths have evolved into!

Open-Air Photo Booth

This wedding photo booth is actually booth-less! Usually will come with a background or you can customize and create your own backdrop such as a flower wall! The camera is usually on a tripod. All your guests have to do is press the button, be it the remote for the camera or a special start button. The countdown will begin and the picture will be captured. Depending on who is setting up, businesses can offer immediate printouts, send photos to your mobile devices, or even craft a wedding photo book, compiling all booth pictures from the event.

Arcade Style or Old-School Style Booth

One of our favorite memories as a kid was going to the arcade in the mall and taking pictures in the photobooth! It is great to pile up your friends and family and see how many people you can fit in the picture. What a hilarious way to capture a memory. Allow guests to put their pictures in a wedding book so you can always look back on the day!

Mirror Me Booth

We all love a mirror selfie, well how about getting all of your guests out of the bathroom or nearest place with a mirror to the Mirror Me Booth: The Astounding, Magical Photo Booth! This mirror photobooth is all the rage at weddings, it takes taking pictures to a whole new level. Colorful animations and an interactive selfie-taking experience will make your guests go “WOW”.

Green Screen Photography

Let your guests choose their backdrop with Green Screen technology! This type of photo booth is great for themed weddings.

Slow-Motion Video Photo Booth

One of the more unique photo booths we have seen at weddings is the popular slow-motion video photo booth. Allow your guests to make videos instead of actual pictures in slow motion. Trust us the results are always creative and will leave you dying from laughter.

GIF-Maker Photo Booth

We all love a great GIF. Why not allow your guests to make their own during the wedding. What a great way to post your wedding on social media!

FlipBook Photo Booth

Not into social media and high-tech photo booths? Why not hire a business that makes flipbooks instead of an actual photo booth. It is a great gift for your guests to bring home!

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