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How to Start the Wedding Planning Process During COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly impacted wedding planning for many couples, and even delayed the wedding of others. However, for those who are newly engaged this doesn’t mean you can’t start wedding planning, even if some details remain unsure. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to wedding plan during the Coronavirus so you can still plan and have the wedding of your dreams!

Create a Budget

Creating a budget is the first step in wedding planning regardless of what is going on in the world. Without a budget, you can quickly overspend and find yourself in a tight spot. Plus having a budget will help you make decisions more effectively, since you have some parameters in place.

When creating a budget first you want to decide on your overall wedding budget which should include everything from the reception venue to attire to your honeymoon. From there you can break down your budget to specific vendors or areas. For example, if you have a $50,000 budget you may decide to set aside $5,000 for your honeymoon, $2,000 for flowers, and $500 for favors. As you work through the various vendors and items you will need, you can begin to allocate funds to each one. 

During the Coronavirus how you spend your money may look a little different. For instance, if you were originally hoping to have 300 guests at your wedding and set aside a larger budget for the reception venue, you may be required to invite fewer guests right now due to limits on gatherings. If this is the case for you, you can either reduce your budget a little, or use the extra funds to splurge on something you couldn’t otherwise afford such as a viennese hour.

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Pick a Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date may be difficult if you have a specific ceremony site in mind that isn’t scheduling weddings yet, or if you want a wedding date sooner than later. If this is the case, you may be better off choosing a month and be willing to be flexible on the specific date.

If you are looking to book a wedding date well into the future, choosing a specific date will be easier since restrictions on gatherings will likely be lessened by then. Most couples tend to choose a date one year to 18 months away which gives them both plenty of time to plan and save. Choosing a date is important because it will be almost impossible to plan the other details of your wedding – such as booking vendors or buying personalized items without it. 

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Consider an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is a great way to still have your dream wedding without having to compromise. Not only can you still have your wedding at your dream wedding venue, but you can still celebrate your wedding with your family and friends. The Westmount can work with you to create an elegant wedding affair in one of our beautiful, tree-lit gardens as you dance the night away under the stars.

Our professional staff is dedicated to ensuring that every detail of your special day is perfect, contact us today to schedule an appointment for an in-person or virtual tour of the venue and grounds.

Create Your Registry and Wedding Website

This is also the perfect time to make a wedding website and create your wedding registry. Both of these to-do list items can easily be done virtually from home and will make you feel like you’ve really begun doing some wedding planning. There are many options available to couples for creating a wedding website, many of which allow you to integrate your registry into your website. Your wedding website should have information regarding your wedding date, location, your wedding party details and other details you’d like guests to know. 

Create Your Guest List

This is a perfect time to not only create your guest list, but gather addresses, emails, and phone numbers. Upload them into a spreadsheet or an online address manager so when it comes time to send various mail such as save the dates, bridal shower invites, wedding invitations or thank yous, you have all this information ready. 

Do Your Research

Unless you have already been doing research on vendors and dresses, this is a great time to begin looking for vendors for your wedding. Check out their websites, online reviews, and if they are offering it schedule a virtual consultation.

These are great ways to learn more about what they are offering to couples, and whether you feel a particular vendor is a good fit for your wedding. In light of COVID-19 you may also want to ask vendors what precautions they are taking to keep everyone safe, and what their policies are in the event weddings are once again required to be postponed. You may also want to research and consider purchasing wedding insurance to protect you and your fiance’s investment in your wedding.

Create a Theme

Developing your wedding theme is another great task to do during this time. This is a great time to choose your wedding colors, design styles, flower preferences, and even attire for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Browse Pinterest, Instagram and wedding websites for inspiration and ideas. 

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Make a List of Your Favorite Songs

This is another easy task for your wedding, regardless of whether you plan to hire a DJ or a band, you can still start thinking about the songs and music you prefer. Create inspiration playlists for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and special dances like your first dance, last dance, and mother/son and father/daughter dances. An easy way to do this is to make online playlists or even upload your favorite songs into an Excel spreadsheet that you can later send to your DJ or band. 

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