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How Weddings Have Changed Over the Last 10 Years

Weddings have changed drastically over the years, and with each new year, new wedding trends emerge. For example, in today’s weddings, many couples strive to achieve a “wow” factor that will impress their guests and be remembered for years, long after their wedding has passed. In the past, weddings have seen trends that ranged from wearing colored wedding dresses to specialty food inclusions to unique bouquets. 

As you are planning your wedding, you shouldn’t feel obligated to stick with traditions or trends from the current year or decade, rather planning your wedding should be personalized to your own individual style and preference regardless of when it was trendy. 

Below we’ll take a look at some of the wedding trends we’ve seen over the years, as you are planning your own wedding pick and choose whichever ones you like the best for your special day. 

The Marriage Age Has Gone Up

Throughout history, couples tended to marry young – often in their early twenties, though late marriages taking place in a couple’s late teen years were also common. However, in more recent years the marriage age has gone up. This is largely due to the desire for couples to finish college and begin their careers prior to getting married.

any couples also want to travel, buy a house or establish themselves in their work prior to saying “I do”. Due to this, the marriage age has gone up with many people getting married in their late twenties or early thirties. 

The Cost Per Guest Increased

In today’s weddings, couples are spending more money on their guests. This doesn’t simply mean that the cost per plate went up, rather it means couples are doing more for their guests. This includes more elaborate favors, welcome baskets in hotel rooms, send off goodies, and other personal touches. 

Couples Are Inviting Fewer Guests

One reason couples may be spending more per guest is actually that they are inviting fewer guests to their wedding celebration. Instead of having large parties, many couples are opting to shorten the guest list and invite those family and friends closest to them and their parents. This results in a more personalized feel for your wedding and allows you to interact with guests on a more intimate level. 

“Wedding Season” Has Shifted

In past decades “wedding season” was considered to be summer. While summer is still a popular month to get married, more recent years have seen a shift to fall becoming the “it” season for weddings. Not only is the weather a bit milder, but it also creates an opportunity to incorporate different color schemes into your wedding decor. 

Personalized Touches Are Important

As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons couples are spending more per guest is personalized touches being incorporated into their wedding. In addition to personalized favors, couples are adding personalized touches like their favorite foods being served, custom cocktails, religious traditions in their ceremony, or even cultural dances during their reception. The options are truly endless!

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Social Media Being a Part of Your Wedding

Years ago, the only photographer at your wedding was your wedding photographer. Today, however everyone with a smartphone has the opportunity to serve as a photographer of sorts. This has caused couples to utilize hashtags to find and share photos from their big day. Couples are also creating Snapchat filters and even live-streaming their ceremony for guests who couldn’t attend in person.

Another way social media has incorporated itself into today’s weddings is by using Facebook and Instagram to find wedding vendors. Couples now have the opportunity to see firsthand from other couples how a venue looks, or the quality of work by a videographer or photographer. Social media is a great way to check out reviews of vendors and see real feedback from couples who have used them. 

Eco-Friendly Weddings

This a wedding trend that has come up more in recent years which focuses on reducing waste. For couples who want to have a more sustainable wedding consider sending out electronic invitations for your wedding or save the dates, or digital thank you cards.

wedding attire trends over the years and how they've changed

Changes in Wedding Attire

This may be one of the most obvious changes when it comes to weddings. Traditionally brides would wear a white wedding gown and grooms would wear a black tuxedo or suit. While many couples still opt to wear traditional wedding attire, many are expanding their options.

Today couples are incorporating color into their wedding attire. Men are wearing gray or blue suits, colored ties, or socks. Women are going beyond white dresses and wearing ivory, cream – or even going for bold colors like blues, purples, and pinks. Some brides choose to add a subtle pop of color like a sash or colored shoes, while others are ditching tradition completely and wearing a colored dress. 

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