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Wedding Trends We’re Loving Right Now

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, you may be looking for ways to make your wedding celebration special and unique. From seasonal flowers, to suit trends and custom altars there are so many ways you can make your wedding stand out.

Here are some of our favorite wedding trends:

Unique Music Performances

There so many ways to incorporate unique musical performances into your wedding. Think a string quartet for your ceremony, or a jazz band for your cocktail hour. For the reception, some couples choose to have a Frank Sinatra style singer, or they upgrade their DJ or band package to incorporate a drummer or saxophonist to liven up the night.  No matter what you choose, live music will be a fun and exciting addition to your wedding.

Integrating Cultural Trends

Incorporating some special traditions from your culture or religious background is a special way to pay tribute to one or both of your roots. If you’re Jewish for example, you may want to serve some traditional foods, or get married under a Chuppah. For Indian weddings consider having a Groom’s Procession or Baarat to start your celebration. Music or special dances are another great way to incorporate your cultural background into your ceremony or reception.

Colored Suit Jackets for Men

Typically men wear suits in either black, navy, gray, white, but grooms are having fun by wearing different colors. A colored suit jacket can add a fun pop of color your his attire. If you’re not into the idea of a colored jacket, try adding a fun colored tie, bowtie, or even a pocket square.

Unique Altars

The wedding ceremony is the main event which is why creating a unique altar is something we love. Plus, the options here are endless! From an arch covered in flowers and lace, to a more rustic piece with twigs and greenery, you can let your imagination run wild. Plus, the altar you get married on or under is a great way to incorporate some religious or cultural traditions into your ceremony.

Natural Makeup

Another wedding trend we’re loving right now is natural wedding makeup. The goal of wedding makeup is to look like the best version of yourself, and this makeup style is one of our favorite ways to achieve this. Whether you are doing your makeup yourself or having a makeup artist do it for you, consider using highlighter on your cheekbones, using natural colored eyeshadow, and subtle lipstick tones.

Surprising Wedding Cake Flavors

Unique wedding cakes are another one of our favorite trends. You can choose to have a fun, exciting cake and/or filling flavor like hazelnut, cappuccino, or strawberries and cream or have your baker do a unique design like ombre or a naked cake. Your guests will be delighted by the surprise of your unique cake!

Drone Photography

Drone photography is a fun addition to your wedding since it enables you to capture unique aerial shots of your ceremony, guests mingling outdoors during cocktail hour, or even of your wedding portrait time. We think it’s a fun trend that is here to stay!

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