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Winter Wedding Dos & Donts

Winter is almost here which means brides and grooms who have a winter wedding planned are putting the final touches on their wedding and making sure every last detail is perfect. For couples who have a future winter wedding booked, this a good time to start thinking about what you want your own winter wedding to look like.

There are so many options to choose from when creating an ambiance for your December, January, February or March wedding from using rich holiday colors to creating a frosty winter wonderland. Whether you’re just starting to plan your winter wedding or putting the final touches on it, here are some “dos” and “donts” to keep in mind:

Do – Mix and Match Color and Texture

It’s easy to feel like you need to stick with one color or texture for your wedding no matter what time of the year it is, but you should feel free to experiment with different combinations. Experiment with mixing winter whites with various shades of reds and burgundies, or even some gold and green. Or pair white with blues and silvers for a more wintery feel.

Adding wool or velvet textures into your theme is another way to create a warm winter feel.

Don’t – Feel Restricted to a Winter Theme

Just because you’re having your wedding in the winter months doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional winter colors or themes. Perhaps you chose the winter because it was more affordable and less for aesthetic reasons – if this is the case feel free to use your favorite color for bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and decor. If you want to maintain a cozy, winter feel without choosing red, green or blue for your colors go for deep gemstone hues and you’ll achieve the same effect. 

Do – Consider Seasonality

Considering seasonality for your wedding means choosing items that are particular to this time of year and incorporating them into your day. This can be as simple as having a hot cocoa bar at your reception to use seasonal flowers like poinsettias, roses and calla lilies in your bouquets and centerpieces.

Don’t – Forget to Plan for Your Photos

Winter weddings provide brides and grooms with the opportunity to take stunning wedding photos in the snow. This will take a little planning, however, to ensure you give your photographer enough time to take outdoor photos before the sun goes down. If you want to take pictures outside, keep that in mind when scheduling your day and be sure to leave an early timeslot available for wedding portraits.

Another thing to plan for when it comes to winter photos is your attire. Be sure to purchase a beautiful shawl or coat to wear for your pictures and consider packing an alternate pair of shoes in case the ground is wet or muddy.  

Do – Dress for the Season

Dressing for the season doesn’t mean you need to forgo a strapless or sleeveless dress, rather it means preparing for the cold by buying a warm, cozy shawl, a coat, and maybe even some hand warmers for your bridal party during outdoor photos. A little planning will go a long way and will make those moments when you’re outside less chilly! 

Do – Have an Indoor Receiving Line

If you want to have a receiving line be sure to plan to have it indoors. If your ceremony site doesn’t have enough room to allow for you to greet your guests inside, then consider waiting until your reception or forgoing the receiving line altogether. 

Do – Create a Cozy Feel for Your Reception 

There are a ton of approaches you can take to make your reception feel warm and cozy. Fill the room and tables with lots of candles to create a romantic glow. Choose deep colored flowers and decor and consider offering add hot beverages like hot chocolate, hot toddies, or spiced rum.  

Don’t – Overlook the Possibility of Inclimate Winter Weather

The winter weather can be especially unpredictable, so it’s important to make alternate plans in case of snow. Arrange for transportation for guests who are staying at hotels to transport them between the ceremony to the reception, or consider offering them with car service or rideshare gift cards to help them travel between venues.

If you notice there is snow in the forecast be sure to stay in touch with your ceremony and reception venue site coordinators to discuss anything you need to know about inclement weather on the day of your wedding. 


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