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Your Complete Wedding Week To-Do List

The planning is all finished and it’s finally your wedding week! Though you might feel like you can finally stopping moving in high gear and take a breath, there are actually a few things you keep on your to-do list for the week of your wedding. Here’s a list of some easy to forget, but oh-so-important things you need to check off before the big day.

Communicate One Last Time With Your Wedding Vendors

You may have already given the final headcount to your reception hall, and discussed timing with your photographer and DJ, but if anything has changed since you last spoke with a vendor now is the time to contact them one last time before your wedding day.

Notice rain in the forecast? Speak with your photographer and videographer to develop a game plan for photos in the event it rains the day of. A change in the forecast may also require a phone call to your reception hall or ceremony site if you had originally planned to hold your wedding ceremony outdoors.

If you haven’t given a final headcount to your reception hall, now it the time to do so. Be sure to give them an accurate count of guests and vendors who will be eating as well.

This is also a good time to re-confirm with your florist and limo company to verify addresses and times to ensure everything will run smoothly on your wedding day. If there are any specific instructions you need to provide with a vendor on behalf of your ceremony site, reception hall or even for accessing your home or hotel this is the time to be sure you have communicated clearly with everyone. Even something as simple as a florist or photographer needing an access code to your gated community will save you a big headache on the day of.

Create a Day-Of Schedule

Creating a wedding day schedule will help you notice any potential snafus before the wedding day arrives. For example, your limousine driver may notice you haven’t allowed enough time for transport, or your photographer may want to come to your house for photos earlier than you anticipated which will require your hair and makeup person to come earlier as well.

Your schedule should include vendor arrival times, pick up and drop off times, ceremony and reception start times, and contact information for every vendor and company you’re working with.

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Designate A Point Person (Or Two)

Having a trustworthy person or two who can take the lead on any day of issues and problem solve without getting you or your spouse involved is highly recommended. Traditionally this person is usually the Maid of Honor or Best Man, but a sibling or any trustworthy friend is also perfect for this role.

Some things you may want to consider having them be responsible for includes paying any vendors that require payment on the wedding day, as well as distributing any tips. This person may also be responsible for gathering any ceremony issues after leaving the church or ceremony site such as a Unity Candle, extra programs or decorations.

You may also want to delegate this person to be the individual that people go to with questions or concerns prior to coming to you or your fiance. In many cases, they will be able to answer the question without getting you involved and worrying with you the minor details. You should give this person a copy of your day of schedule and contact information for vendors in case someone is running late or there is a last minute question.

Prepare a Day Of Emergency Bag

This task doesn’t have to wait until the last minute, but in many cases, it will simply because it seems like a small detail. Having an emergency bag can save you a big headache and tons of stress on your wedding day. In this bag, you should pack things like extra hair pins, safety pins, a mini sewing kit, hairspray, extra deodorant, cosmetics to touch of your makeup, especially your lipstick and a change of shoes in case your feet begin to hurt. You should also be sure to pack any medication either of you may need and some antacids and Tums in case anyone gets an upset or nervous stomach.

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Schedule Your Beauty Appointments

You likely already have your hair and makeup appointments booked and scheduled for your wedding day, but what about any other pre-wedding beauty appointments? Everything from a manicure and pedicure, waxing session or massage should be scheduled and on the books for the days leading up to your wedding. The same goes for the groom – he should have a haircut and maybe even a hot shave on books for himself as well!

Make Any Special Arrangements for Any Guests Who Require Accommodations

Whether you have elderly, handicapped or ill guests coming to your wedding, it’s a good idea to have measures in place to help make the day as enjoyable as possible for them. Maybe it’s making sure grandma has a ride to and from the venue or scheduling transportation for airport pickups. If there is a guest with a severe allergy, make sure you have addressed this ahead of time as well, to ensure everyone remains healthy on the big day.

Hand Off What You Can

You’ve done all the hard work up until this point, now it’s time to let some other people step in and take some of the details away from you. This means handing off anything that you can among your family and attendants. Some things to consider including dropping off place cards, table cards, menus, favors and programs to your reception venue. Providing your officiant with your marriage license. Giving the wedding bands to the best man or maid of honor to hold during the wedding day. Delivering welcome baskets to the hotel or whoever is charged with placing them in the guest rooms, and anything else you can think of!

Ensure Your Wedding Attire Ready to Go

If you haven’t picked up your dress by this point, it’s time to make arrangements to get your dress from the bridal salon or seamstress. Your bridesmaids should also have their dresses by this point and have them steamed or dry cleaned if needed. The men should be picking up their tuxedos or suits this week as well and getting them dry cleaned if need be.

With just one week to go before your big day make sure you don’t miss these small details so you can simply sit back and enjoy your wedding day!

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